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Why bloggers should tweet

Welcome to part nine of our “Introduction to blogging” guide for Liberal Democrat bloggers or would-be bloggers. It’s appearing each Saturday between now and Christmas, with all the posts available via this page. The series will then be revised and collated into an e-book, so please do post up your comments as the series progresses. Today it’s the turn of Charlotte Gore.

So you’ve picked your blogging platform, created your blog-roll, found your niche and worked out your style – you’re blogging! But is it enough to rely on to bring you new readers and win you new friends?

Sadly not. At least, not since the rise of Twitter. Oh no, you’re thinking. Not Twitter! Oh yes, Twitter. If you want to make the most of your blog, you’re going to want to join the “Twitterati” too.

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Opinion: Modern Liberty is rubbish

Modern Liberty. I hear it and my skin crawls.

What is modern liberty? How is modern liberty different from plain, boring old liberty?

See, thanks to this shower of lemons we’ve currently got running the country, the word ‘modern’ has never been more foreboding. If anyone’s been keen on ‘modernising’ the state’s attitudes towards civil liberties, it’s been our social democratic chums over in the Labour Party.

Modernise, in the context of this Government, means, “we’re doing it our way now.” It’s not enough we Liberal Democrats have a bird as our logo – we’ve got ‘the bird’ being flipped at us on …

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Opinion: The Granny State

The Nanny State: what a slogan that’s been. No three words have done more to undermine the basic thought processes behind Labour governments.

The role of government is to make people fitter, happier and more productive, they say. Leave us alone, we reply. Wherever ‘The Greater Good’ and ‘For Your Own Good’ come together, Labour’s on the case with awareness campaigns, initiatives, Quangos and, if you’re unfortunate enough to be a smoker, some pretty degrading laws too.

The Liberal Democrats haven’t been blameless in this game, but slowly the instinct we share for liberty, for adults to be regarded as… …

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