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Jonny Oates writes: The Lib Dems’ campaign slogan – Building a fairer Britain

The artwork for the Liberal Democrat campaign logo has now gone live on the extranet/huddle and is available for use on campaign material.

The slogan has been designed to reflect the key themes of our campaign – change and fairness. Throughout the campaign we will aim to demonstrate that we are the only party offering the real and substantive change needed to deliver a fairer Britain. The logo will be a visual indication of that commitment.

Our campaign will be built around four steps to a fairer Britain:

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Fighting media bias – you can help us

An opinion poll taken at the end of the Liberal Democrat Conference earlier this autumn put the Liberal Democrats ahead of the Labour Party, it was accompanied by a raft of other polls which also showed significant increases in our support.

The reason for this sudden upswing in our poll rating was relatively simple: for one short period in the political calendar, the broadcast media had provided us with a fair volume of coverage and the public had liked what they saw.

Regrettably, conference season and General Election campaigns apart, the broadcasters rarely comply with their duty to give us due prominence. We think it’s time that changed and we need your help to make it happen.

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    @ Katharine, I did think twice about including Guy Verhofstadt. I haven't done an extensive background check on his views, but I did turn up...
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