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Opinion: Do voters really know what Liberalism is?


Nick Clegg’s resignation speech made me cry. It really hurt. As a result, I became part of the post-election #goldsurge. The speech made me realise that I needed to do more than just vote and join the party, in order to support the cause for liberalism.

But wait… support “liberalism”?! I’ve never uttered that word before.

Before that speech, I didn’t identify with the word “liberalism”. From a marketing perspective (my professional experience is in social media marketing and content branding), the key “Unique Serving Point” of the liberal democrats is our fight for liberalism. That’s our contribution to the issues our country and the world face. Yet, I never once heard the word “liberalism” used throughout the whole 2015 campaign.

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Opinion: What England really voted for – how we ended up here and where we’re going

Throughout his campaign, David Cameron argued that the success of his government was evidence that voters should continue to support the Conservatives.

Want more of the same, to continue on this path? Vote Conservatives, he said.

And voting Conservative was exactly what English voters did, giving Cameron’s party a completely unexpected majority. With fear of what Labour had done to the economy in the past, and the threat of the SNP and the Greens at the extreme Left, this promise rang as hope, security and comfort in the ears of moderate-thinking voters.

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