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Conference: 12th September deadline looms

To all conference reps and local parties – please note that 12 noon on Wednesday 12 September is the deadline for:

  • Emergency motions
  • Amendments to those motions still open for amendment
  • ‘Urgent issue’ discussions
  • Questions to party reports (which are available online here)
  • The first two in the list can be submitted by any 10 conference reps, local parties, SAOs, etc; the last two by any one conference rep.

    Just to remind people, because the procedure is still relatively new – ‘urgent issues’ are topics suggested for a general discussion without a vote at the end. There are two slots reserved for them at …

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    Autumn Conference timing: tell us your views

    Federal Conference Committee is consulting party members about the timings of the autumn federal conference, from 2008 onwards. The present timing sees conference starting with consultative sessions on the Saturday afternoon and ending with the leader’s speech just before Thursday lunchtime. The main business of the conference generally takes place between Monday and Thursday.

    We would like to know your views on possible changes to this pattern. There is a case to be made for making more use of the weekend, allowing people who can’t come for a full week to be able to participate in more sessions. So conference could …

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    Do you want to run the Rally at Autumn Conference 2007?

    Do you want to run the Rally at Autumn Conference?

    Federal Conference Committee has reopened the tendering process for the autumn 2007 conference rally. This process is open to any party body or group of members who wish to organise the rally.

    The deadline for bids has been extended to Monday 14th May and a decision will be made at the beginning of June.

    The organisation that wins the bid will get support from the Conference Office and FCC but needs to be prepared to put the time in to make it a good event. It is a great way to raise your …

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