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Opinion: Why Lib Dems should hot-foot it to Sefton Central

Don’t be put off by the train station sounding Sefton Central – the news that Claire Curtis-Thomas, once dubbed the UK’s most expensive MP, is standing down should signal a re-evaluation of the Liberal Democrats chances in this new seat.

No-one is surprised by Ms Curtis-Thomas’s decision as she has gone from being the country’s most expensive MP to one of the most inactive. I have been the prospective Parliamentary candidate for two years, and in that time there has only ever been reactive responses from the Labour camp. In terms of literature, the only thing that has hit …

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  • User AvatarYeovil Yokel 16th Nov - 2:33pm
    ‘European Reform Group’ seems like a strange name for a bunch of devious EU-phobes.
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 16th Nov - 2:17pm
    Sorry, David. It has to be Jo Grimond. Sadly whilst one can feel affection, one also has to lament a very sad waste of talent....
  • User AvatarMichael 1 16th Nov - 2:13pm
    Thanks for posting this, Caron. Charles Kennedy's speech during the party conference debate in 2013 on Europe is on youtube at It is sad...
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 16th Nov - 12:41pm
    Simply the best leader we ever had.
  • User AvatarWilliam Fowler 16th Nov - 12:21pm
    The deal is about what you would expect from the EU given the Irish border issues, if it fails in parliament then hopefully the next...
  • User AvatarChristopher Haigh 16th Nov - 11:54am
    There is a sinister organisation within the Tory party called the European Reform Group which is presumably coordinating a hatchet job on Mrs May. As...