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Steve joined the East Devon Liberal Democrats after returning from an 11 year adventure in France. Currently heading an author publishing company, Pyjama Press Steve has studied and produced Saint Emilion wine; headed cycle tours across Europe and established the art gallery Atelier Avenda. As a health claims assessor for one of the largest insurance companies in the UK, Steve now has the time to indulge his passion for photography and is looking forward to playing a part in the Liberal Democrat journey.

Opinion: Why I won’t be watching Euro 2012

I know for many years that there has been the debate as to whether sport should be brought into politics and am old enough to remember when there was a boycott against the South African apartheid regime.

Watching BBC Panorama last week brought up feelings of disgust, horror, anger and a sense of déjà vu. Had we entered some time vortex back to the 70’s where these chants were all too common on the terraces here in the UK?

It was made worse when the interviewer asked the police chief about what he had witnessed and filmed only minutes earlier to be …

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