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Susan Kramer writes … Holding bankers to account


Last week senior bankers breathed with relief and opened the champagne.   The Lords, by just 2 votes, gave in to the Tory Government and failed to uphold the tough rule known as the “reversal of the burden of proof” for failures by senior bankers which was passed into legislation in 2013 and is now cancelled.

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Baroness Susan Kramer writes…Why I’m backing Elaine Bagshaw for Tower Hamlets Mayor


Like most of you I don’t “do miserable” and I’ve been itching to start the fight back.  Local Government has always been Lib Dem territory because we believe in communities and remain aghast at how badly so many are served by their local governments.  So when I got a chance to support Elaine Bagshaw in launching her campaign for Mayor of Tower Hamlets I jumped at it.  Of all the places that need effective local Government focussed on people, listening to people and functioning with integrity, Tower Hamlets must be near the top of the list.  As Elaine says, it’s a largely deprived community in the shadow of the extra-ordinary wealth of the City of London.

Elaine has lived in the area for years so she knows Tower Hamlets’ issues like the back of her hand.  But what I also love is that Elaine is part of the new generation who will now take over our party.  I don’t mean just new as in young, though that is true of many, but also the flood of new members of all ages who are joining with such a sense of purpose and with a vision of the future.  Old warhorses like me can provide the back-up but one silver lining of a bad defeat is that a natural passing of the baton takes place.  And goodness those folk did turn out at Elaine’s launch, at least 50 of them, all ready to spend the day on the doorsteps.

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Baroness Susan Kramer’s maiden speech

In recent months, LDV has been bringing its readers copies of our new MPs’ and Peers’ first words in Parliament, so that we can read what is being said and respond. You can find all of the speeches in this category with this link. Yesterday, Baroness Kramer made her maiden speech in the House of Lords during a debate on the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Amendment) Bill . Her words are reproduced below. Baroness Dee Doocey also made her maiden speech in the Lords yesterday; we will be featuring it tomorrow.

My Lords, as I rise to make

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Susan Kramer: why you should back me for Party President

Party President candidate Susan Kramer was asked what her election would do for Scotland:

Nick Clegg and others have argued effectively that the benefits of coalition will be evident in time for the General Election in 2015.  But Scotland has elections in seven months. We have to move rapidly to the front foot to argue that the coalition is putting key Liberal Democrat policies in place and to do that we need the ammunition.

Communication is absolutely key.  This is why I will criss-cross the country not just to join local campaigns but to listen and make sure that grassroots voices are …

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Susan Kramer: Party members are my number one priority

This is a time of great opportunity for our party. Whether through establishing the pupil premium for disadvantaged children, increasing tax relief for low income families, restoring vital civil liberties or putting the environment at the forefront of all we do, our values are at the heart of British government for the first time in generations. Britain is better off with Liberal Democrats in Cabinet.

A strong and unified party is needed to hold the Coalition Government to account, however, and division within the party will only make this job harder.

If elected as party President, I will use the role to …

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The best start for children, the best deal for families

When I took on the job of Families spokesperson in Nick Clegg’s Shadow Cabinet, I was very clear about the approach I would take. In Britain today, there is no identikit family that represents the best way to live – there are many types of families – but the key thing that often links these families are children.

Parents want to give their children the very best of start in life. But balancing the demands of a job with caring for young children is a real struggle. Getting time off work is difficult and finding quality, affordable childcare can be impossible.

Labour’s …

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Susan Kramer writes… “the fight on Heathrow expansion is far from over”

The gleaming palace of Terminal 5 at Heathrow will open on March 27th. The British Aviation Authority and British Airways will celebrate. But for others, the day will be a reminder of the misery the Government and BAA plan for the residents of London who live under the Heathrow flightpath – an area that, if plans go forward, will cover much of London.

Let me be clear. I have no problem with travellers through Heathrow having a terminal that is fit for purpose. Goodness knows air travel is hideous enough for most of us without making departure and arrival an …

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