Ever missed seeing a Liberal Democrat on Question Time, or a party political broadcast, or some other media appearance because you didn’t know about it in advance? [I think I can write the comments now – Ed]

Courtesy of Flock Together, you can put those days behind you. It includes a service to advertise in advance major appearances in the media by Liberal Democrat MPs and other senior figures.

There are three different ways you can tap into this information: 

  1. Using this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/LiberalDemocratsMediaAppearances, or
  2. By email: register at FlockTogether and pick “Media appearances” as one of the categories of events you want to be emailed about. (If you are an existing Flock Together user you can also change your preferences – login and then click “Edit your preferences” in the left-hand menu; you need to tick “Media Appearances” under “Email options”), or
  3. On the web: take a look at the dedicated Flock Together page.