European elections: rolling results news

National vote share projections (BBC): Con 27% (n/c), UKIP 17% (+1), Lab 16% (-7), Lib Dem 14% (-1). Although not all regions yet in, looks extremely likely that the party will get the same number of MEPs elected as it had going in to the election.

South East: Sharon Bowles re-elected and joined by Catherine Bearder. (Emma Nicholson retired at this election.)

East Midlands: Bill Newton-Dunn also set to be re-elected.

London: Sarah Ludford re-elected.

Wales: Conservatives do indeed top the poll. Lib Dems miss out on our first ever Welsh MEP by just 2%.

Scotland: awaiting figures from Western Isles, but Lib Dems set to hold seat.

Yorkshire & The Humber: Diana Wallis re-elected, but BNP also take a seat.

East of England: Andrew Duff’s re-election confirmed. Labour finished fourth.

Wales: Tories will top the poll. Lib Dems won’t gain a seat.

East of England: Andrew Duff looks set to be re-elected, finishing ahead of Labour.

Other Lib Dem firsts: topped the poll also in Cambridge and Highlands.

North West: Lib Dems top poll in Stockport by looks of it.

Scotland: based on Press Association’s figures (using around one third of councils), Lib Dems would hold seat and Tories would lose one seat. (Overall number of seats in Scotland going down by one.)

BNP update: more likely to win a seat in Yorkshire than in North West.

Yorkshire & The Humber: Labour fifth in Richmondshire. Sheffield – Labour and Tory vote down, Lib Dem vote up; Tories finish fourth.

South West: Labour finish sixth across Cornwall.

Scotland: chances of Lib Dem hold looking promising.

London: mixed news. Strong Green votes in some areas but very weak Tory vote in others (e.g. fourth in Islington). Tories also look to be fourth in Haringey with Labour vote share their worst in any Haringey election since the borough was created.

East of England: Lib Dems top the poll in Watford.

North East: Fiona Hall re-elected. Excellent result given how close the election was last time. Lib Dem vote the same as last time.

North West: Sky reports Lib Dems to win two seats. (Won two last time but lost one due to defection.)

South East: Sky reports Lib Dems to hold both our seats.

North West: Lib Dems top the poll in Burnley. Was second last time. BNP finish fifth.

Wales: ConservativeHome reporting that Labour will fall from first to third in the vote share. Lib Dem vote up in Cardiff, including topping the poll in Cardiff Central.

North West: still very unclear about BNP prospects in North West. Lots of individual counts reporting low BNP votes.

Northumberland: as with Newcastle, Lib Dems look to have overtaken Labour.

Newcastle: Lib Dems top the poll. Last time were 6% behind Labour.

North East: looks touch and go whether Fiona Hall will hold her seat.

East Mids: UKIP vote down, Lib Dem vote steady, only small advance for Greens and BNP static in early reports so far.

North West: conflicting news coming through some far – some sources are gloomy about the BNP’s performance, others are seeing less BNP support than feared.

South West: widespread expectations that Labour will lose their one seat. Report on ConservativeHome that Labour will trail in astonishing sixth position, even behind the Greens and Cornish nationalists.

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  • Looks like the greens came top in Norwich, not sure how that’ll affect the east region total vote though.

  • David Heigham 7th Jun '09 - 8:23pm

    Local by election results are still coming through. It looks as though the present count of LibDem net gains in principal authority by-elections on June 4 nay have exactly compensated for the four net losses in the counties: overall net loss 0?

  • conservativehome reckons that Griffin will pick a seat up.

  • From Pb:
    Cheshire West & Cheshire Percentages
    Con: 34.09%, UKIP: 17.5%, Lab: 15.52%, Lib: 12.16%, Green; 7.8%, BNP: 5.92%

  • Newcastle result:

    Lib Dem 15646
    Labour 14148
    Con 8678
    UKIP 6876
    BNP 5152
    Green 4443

    vote 2009.

  • Ali Goldsworthy 7th Jun '09 - 9:14pm

    Keep up with events in Wales via the Welsh Lib Dems on Freedom Central

  • Manchester (vote 2009):

    Lab 27502, LD 16424, Tory 11896, Green 12225, UKIP 8002, BNP 6796

  • NE:
    1 x lb
    1 xcon
    1 x ld

    Fiona Hall re-elected

    Lab 147338 25.0%
    Con 116911 19.8%
    LD 103644 17.6%
    UKIP 90700 15.4%
    BNP 52700 8.9%
    Grn 34081 5.8%
    ED 13007 2.2%
    SLP 10238 1.7%
    No2eu 8066 1.4%
    CPA 7263 1.2%
    Lib 3010 0.5%
    Jury 2904 0.5%


    retaining the second seat would be remarkable, and would actually be a gain – not just because Sajj defected, but because the reduction in seats extinguished the 9th seat.

    seems a little optimistic!!!

  • Rumour on the ether is that the Scots vote is not good….:-(

  • Liberal Neil 7th Jun '09 - 9:58pm

    Richard – I haven’t been able to get PB to work here at home (it loads a page from April), but it was working fine in the office this afternoon.

  • Liberal Neil 7th Jun '09 - 10:01pm

    We topped the poll in Watford last time too but it is in the East of England.

  • Simon Wilson 7th Jun '09 - 10:05pm

    Broadland result approx
    Con 11K; UKIP 8k; LIB DEM 5k; Lab 3k; Green 3k; BNP 1k

  • Highland Council:

    British National Party 979
    Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” 1,485
    Conservative Party 6,728
    Jury Team 275
    Liberal Democrats 14,550
    No2EU: Yes to Democracy 361
    Scottish Green Party 3,806
    Scottish National Party (SNP) 14,393
    Scottish Socialist Party 336
    Socialist Labour Party 596
    The Labour Party 5,325
    UK Independence Party 3,458
    Duncan Robertson 414
    Rejected votes 218
    Total votes cast 52,924
    % Turn out 30.8%

  • Liberal Neil 7th Jun '09 - 10:48pm

    Vale of White Horse DC:

    Con 13K, LD 7K, UKIP 5K, Grn 5K, Lab 2K approx

    South Oxon DC:

    Con 15K, UKIP 6K, LD 6K, Grn 5K, Lab 2K approx

    In both cases Con up slightly, LD down slightly, UKIP down a few, Greens up a lot, Lab down a lot.

    Difficult to extrapolate from these two districts (Green vote was up more in Oxon than rest of region in the Counties) but Labour’s South East seat must be looking dodgy.

  • Liberal Neil 7th Jun '09 - 10:52pm

    We topped the poll in Cambridge last time too.

  • Dave Nellist (for it is he!) reckons that LD will lose a WM seat.2 Con/2 UKIP/ 2 Lab. 🙁

  • 2 so far. 7 at the end of the night?

  • BNP have taken a seat in YnH

  • Herbert Brown 7th Jun '09 - 11:26pm

    Just curious – why are people being paid overtime to count on Sunday night/Monday morning, even though the polls have been closed for more than 72 hours?

    Oh, and by the way the BNP has apparently won a seat in Yorkshire. Great.

  • Great result in richmond borough. Lib Dems only a thousand votes off beating the tories, compared to 4,000 behind last time and 200 off winning in Kingston. Conservatives looking seriously miserable at the count…

  • Herbert Brown 7th Jun '09 - 11:46pm

    One person in ten in Yorkshire and the Humber voted for the BNP.

  • Nick Griffin turning up to the count in a Japanese car is presumably a concession to that country’s wartime alliance with the Vaterland. Once in power, Herr Griffin would switch to an open Volkswagen, I do not doubt.

  • Cheltenham Robin 8th Jun '09 - 12:00am

    Labour 5th in Cheltenham behind UKIP 3rd and the greens 4th

  • The BNP’s success in Yorkshire and Humberside shows why we need transferable votes. Labour and UKIP got almost twice as many votes as the BNP, and so were very close to getting that last seat. Under transferable votes, they would probably have got the bulk of the Socialist and No2EU votes respectively. Given Green votes being redistributed, and given “excess” votes from mainstream parties being reallocated to other mainstream parties (and let’s be honest, I would have given UKIP some sort of ranking if the BNP are on the ballot) then the BNP would have missed out.

    Of course, whether it would be democratic that the BNP would then miss out given that they will win hundreds of thousands of votes is another matter…

  • Herbert Brown 8th Jun '09 - 12:07am

    The biography of the newly elected BNP member makes truly depressing reading:

  • Liberal Neil 8th Jun '09 - 12:08am

    Greens top poll in Oxford.

    Grn 9K, Lab 7K, LD 6K, Con 6K, UKIP 3K approx

  • Terry Gilbert 8th Jun '09 - 12:23am

    Eric Pickles alleged on the BBC earlier that the Lib Dems sit with anti-gay parties in the EU Parliament. Anyone know if this is true, and if so who?

  • So let’s see – we’ve tried fighting Euro elections on a more sceptical platform, we’ve tried fighting them on a pro European platform, we’ve tried ignoring Europe, we’ve tried sending a message.

    Net result – we’re still fourth, still useless at fighting this election. This was an election to nail Labour, but we arsed around talking about EU crime warrants.

    Our Euro team are stale beyond belief – the real talent defected to Westminster years ago and there’s bugger all party members can do to get rid of them as they use their huge allowance to buy their incumbancy among party members.

    More importatly though is these elections combined with the counties show that a large number of Lib Dem MPs (including one in mid Wales) will lose their seats to the Tories if we don’t get real, understand that trying equidistance between basket case Labour and popular Tories is a route to itrrelevance and disaster – a bit like our latest useless attempt at fighting a Euro election…

  • I first came across Andrew Brons when he stood as the National Front candidate in the 1977 Stetchford byelection (he was beaten by Andrew McKay). He had long hair in those days, which sat rather oddly with Webster’s comment at a public meeting in that contest that left-wingers were “tripping over their hair and their pimples”.

    Brons was NF “Chairman” during the 1982 Mitcham & Morden byelection, and I vividly recall watching him walk though a pub filled with NF supporters. Brons was wearing a suit and looked vaguely respectable. His acolytes were tattooed skinheads (the maximum security wing overflow). A scary encounter, I can tell you.

    (The scariest bit was when one of my colleagues started muttering under his breath: “Where’s your black shirt, you Nazi?!”)

  • Cowley Street/Nick – sorry, but this is a disapointing result with the state labour is in. Serious thinking now needs to be done now as to the way we fight elections and get our message across. (Oh, and amateur antics from the campaigns department at the last minute doesn’t really help matters either!)

  • Terry Gilbert 8th Jun '09 - 12:50am

    amusingly, some results have been input on wikipedia before the official declaration is shown on the Beeb…

  • Liberal Neil 8th Jun '09 - 1:03am

    Niklas – we already had a seat in the East Mids

  • Josie Jones 8th Jun '09 - 1:07am

    Lib Dems top the poll in South Lakeland by about 3,000.

  • Herbert Brown 8th Jun '09 - 1:17am

    So what on earth was that rubbish earlier on about Labour being beaten by Mebyon Kernow?

  • Liberal Neil 8th Jun '09 - 1:23am

    Herbert – I think that was just in Cornwall.

    Great to see Catherine get in in the South East.

  • Niklas -= please stop your ridiculous cheerleading. There’s the NW of England, the West Midlands and Scotland to come in – Labour will easily outpoll us in those areas (we may even lose our seat in Scotland).

    This is not a good set of election results for the Lib Dems – particularly in the South West where the majority of our MPs are under severe threat.

  • Niklas – fair dos…

  • But obviously not on the Griffin thing.

  • Yes, we are close to labour- but we have also gone backwards. We have kept our seats because the list system used makes seats very safe, but this has been a very poor set of results for us. I am sure peopel will be peering over local results to try and look to Westminster, but in themselves its bad.

    Its clear we are not making the gains from labour we should. This is also a repeat of the lesson from the London assembly- the party does not know how to message and campaign in large PR elections.

  • Herbert Brown 8th Jun '09 - 2:02am

    Absolutely appalling.

  • Richard Gadsden 8th Jun '09 - 2:10am

    Niklas, one problem was that there were several different ways to stop him.

    2,449 extra votes for UKIP, 4,961 for Green, 28,550 Lib Dem.

    Oh, and the Tories only stayed ahead by 26,892.

  • David Boycott 8th Jun '09 - 2:10am

    Cant wait to see how you spin this as positive for the LibDems.

    Incumbent Labour government suffers massive losses; both major parties embroiled in massive expenses scandal … still the LibDems come in fourth, with a lower share of the vote.

    Do you want to rethink your complacent response to the local elections?

  • Griffin = Nazi tosser

  • Boycott- In most local election areas the results were better. Partly due to GOTV running properly, partly due to split ticket support for us locally.

    I don’t think anyone has much good to say about these elections (except presumably the leadership).

  • I think there is too much emphasis in the comments above on campaigning methods without looking at the substance behind it. The electorate is in a rage about unaccountability and corruption. The EU stands in many people’s minds for unaccountability and corruption, so by being seen as cheerleaders for it, we naturally become tainted by association. It is not the campaign, it is the message behind it.

    That is why, despite the dishonesty of the Conservatives Party’s position (appearing to promise a Lisbon referendum, but not really doing so) it did slightly better than last time and much better than the Lib Dems. I still think that not offering a referendum on Lisbon when one was offered on the constitution is a poor call and is anti-democratic.

  • Herbert Brown 8th Jun '09 - 8:51am

    Just heard Griffin telling Matthew Amroliwala that Britain was being turned into a multicultural Tower of Babel. What an oaf.

  • Matthew Huntbach 8th Jun '09 - 12:31pm

    The problem with these elections in terms of campaigning is that it’s difficult to throw ourselves into it when for each individual what you do is just a small part in something very big. It’s much easier to have the motivation to do more when it’s a ward where you know what you do is a significant contribution to winning or losing it.

    Our literature, what I saw of it, was neither good nor bad. But underneath it was cheery politicians saying “vote for us”, which was not going to be a winning message here, and won’t be much elsewhere either. We need to learn how to produce different sorts of literature.

    I don’t think the message that given the various crises the world faces on the whole its best for the European countries to co-operate should be really that hard to sell. If I were doing it, I would have gone harder on scary green stuff, harder than the Green Party’s pathetic efforts. Probably with the headline “What they don’t want you to know” and an analysis of why the Murdoch/UKIP/Cameron attitude to the EU is really a rich man’s conspiracy combined with head-burying stupidity. Keep the party logo, but cut back on smiley pictures of cuddly LibDem MEPs. NO, absolutely NO, waving of “vote for us” signs. A very clear message that this is serious, not time for a joke vote.

    But, anyway, I seem to spend my time posting here what the party should do and getting utterly ignored. Perhaps the people at the top know much better than me, and I’m all wrong, after all I’m just an activist who knocks on doors and talks to people and I don’t mix with those wise folks who seem to be “in” with Westminster crowd, so what should I know?

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