+++ EXCLUSIVE: The MEP, the erotic award, the picture

Lib Dem Voice is proud to have the first picture of North West MEP Chris Davies and his flying golden penis.

Davies won the trophy when he was named as Politician of the Year at the Erotic Awards 2010, for his work to give sex workers a voice at last year’s party conference and defending them from the prohibitionist policies of the previous government.

The award, proudly on show in Chris’s Stockport office, was previously held by another Lib Dem, Baroness Miller, and could be found in the office Sue Miller shared with Lord Lee of Trafford and Lib Dem party president Ros Scott.

Chris Davies with his flying golden penis award

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  • Excellent! They should be proud of standing up for sex workers, a group totally maligned by Labour.

  • Anthony Aloysius St 25th Sep '10 - 11:11am

    Surely this should have been a caption competition?

  • Well I certainly am glad that he is standing up, he is producing a hard case to answer for those who are floppy with regards to sex workers.

  • I would like to hear the meat of his arguments, however. As a member, that is….

  • Once your (sorry your Tory bosses) polices start to bite in there will be plenty of sex workers for you to support.

  • Is this why youve found it so easy whoring yourselves to the Torys?.

  • George W. Potter 25th Sep '10 - 12:28pm

    “Is this why youve found it so easy whoring yourselves to the Torys?.”

    We’ll tell you when you tell us how you felt so comfortable whoring yourselves to the city and the right wing tabloids over the past 13 years.

  • George
    For the umpteenth time who is this you Im not a Labour tribalist just a working man with a family terrified of Tory rule Propped up by you lot.I remember the 80’s my dad remembers the 30’s.If it cumforts you assuming the visceral anger the likes of me feel towards you is all politically motivated then carry on.
    But be ready for a suprise come ballot time.

  • Richard Dolby 25th Sep '10 - 12:52pm

    Looks like there is plenty of room in the, ahem, ‘base’ for a couple of batteries, so his wife could be in for a bit of a shock…

    But a good story all round.

  • Steve Buckel 25th Sep '10 - 1:13pm

    He looks cock-a-hoop.

  • Indeed he does Steve!

    Parliamentarians as a profession have been so damaged by tales of scandal and double-dealing – it’s good to see an open, honest, upstanding member for a change.

  • Grammar Police 25th Sep '10 - 6:43pm

    @ r patey

    If that’s the case, what are you hoping to achieve? Your rather doom-laden statements, but no effort to engage, aren’t going to get you far.

    Your “viceral anger” is politically motivated – because it’s based on apparent hatred of the Tories. Thing that gets me is what alternative you see to a Lib Dem/Tory coalition. If this wasn’t a coalition, it would be a Tory Government, as a minority, but more probably as a majority after a second election.

    Labour Government was not on the cards (tends to be what happens when you lose 90-odd seats in an election). And indeed, the actions of the Labour Government are why we’re here now.

    To blame the Lib Dems because of the election result (a hung parliament) is just odd, frankly.

  • Grammer
    Yes indeed I have a hatred of the Torys but at least they are what they are what you lot are is more beyond me than ever.As far as I am concerned this is a Tory government mearley propped up by you.It was indeed the actions of a Labour government continuing a Tory agenda (which you now embrace) which landed us here plus of course international capitol.However at the end they at least payed lip service to taking measures to keep people in employment and prevent them losing their homes.
    Doom laden am I well that is exactly how I feel and so do many more as for engagement seriousley read the sub carry on comments of your fellow posters. Sorry Id rather keep my engagement fighting against local cuts opposing foundation status for my local school and protecting my collegues from brutal attacks on pay and conditions via my Trade Union.
    As for who to blame for a hung parliament it certainly aint the LD’s it was a Labour party undeserving of support through betrayll of all their values and a underachiving Tory party offering nothing but a return to Pre war life.You really do flatter yourselves thinking you have any part in things other than becoming through opportunistic power grabbing the Torys props and eventual fall guys.

  • r patey,

    the arguments of yourself (and your like) would be more convincing if you could keep to one issue at a time :-

    1. Do you think the Coalition’s approach is corect/ incorrect? If incorrect, please offer an alternative.


    2. Will the Coalition damage the Lib Dems? Who knows. I don’t. And nor, I suspect, do you!

  • Anthony Aloysius St 27th Sep '10 - 1:34am

    “the awards do, which kicks off what is billed as a night of rampant sex. … I seem to remember spending most of the evening chatting with a doctor who campaigns against circumcision.”

    Bad luck.

  • Major Bonkers 27th Sep '10 - 9:50am

    I think that it would look good if he stuck it on the front of his car as a bonnet mascot.

    ‘Watch out! Here comes the flying penis!’

  • Stuart Mitchell 28th Sep '10 - 5:34pm

    It’s a bit rich for Lib Dems to claim that they are the party who stand up for sex workers when it was the current government (prompted by Bob Russell) which banned sex industry ads in job centres. I recall a deathly silence in these parts when I pointed out how illiberal that decision was.

  • David Allen 29th Sep '10 - 6:35pm

    “Bird of Liberty – Standing Up for Sexual Freedom!”

  • it is obviously not the big scciety that counts here but the male society

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