In the next month 43 seats will short-list their wannabe Lib Dem MPs

Lib Dems winning hereHere’s the full list of selection contests in the coming month available for Lib Dems on the approved parliamentary candidates’ list, together with the closing date for applications.

The following seats have selections in progress and are currently advertising for candidates:

    Esher and Walton, 23rd November
    Havant, 24th November
    Keighley, 25th November
    Shipley, 25th November
    Beverley and Holderness, 28th November
    Bolton North East, 28th November
    Bolton South East, 28th November
    Bolton West, 28th November
    Croydon South, 28th November
    High Peak, 28th November
    Halton, 28th November
    Leeds West, 28th November
    Leigh, 28th November
    Meon Valley, 28th November
    Pudsey, 28th November
    Warwick and Leamington, 28th November
    Barrow & Furness, 1st December
    Paisley & Renfrewshire North, 1st December
    Paisley & Renfrewshire South, 1st December
    Beckenham, 5th December
    Bromley & Chislehurst, 5th December
    Blyth and Wansbeck, 5th December
    Coventry North East, 5th December
    Coventry North West, 5th December
    Coventry South, 5th December
    Huntingdon, 5th December
    North West Cambridge, 5th December
    Ochil & South Perthshire, 5th December
    Orpington, 5th December
    Perth & North Perthshire, 5th December
    Peterborough, 5th December
    Stoke on Trent North, 5th December
    Stoke on Trent South, 5th December
    Wantage, 5th December
    Hemel Hempstead, 8th December
    Hertford & Stortford, 8th December
    Bridgwater and West Somerset, 12th December
    East Hampshire, 12th December
    Luton North, 16th December
    Luton South, 16th December
    Ashford, 19th December
    Crawley, 20th December
    Horsham, 20th December

Further information, including Returning Officer contact details, can be found on the Lib Dem members’ website: and then once you have logged in by following the links: Our Party > Selection Adverts – Latest News. Note you will need to register online and login in order to access the advert webpage.

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  • John Roffey 22nd Nov '14 - 6:46pm

    Is there a list of existing MPs who have explained why they are continuing to support NC’s doomed leadership and strategy – with their reasons [or flimsy excuse]?

    While NC remains leader, those standing for the Party and hoping to win a seat don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of success – as is the case for a great majority of those MPs retaining their seat.

    Their continued support of NC is a mystery worthy of the attention of today’s equivalent of Sherlock Holmes!

  • Stephen Hesketh 22nd Nov '14 - 7:28pm

    Or even a list of MP’s who know where he is hiding?

    It’s as if we are in the trenches. Down comes the barrage, the Dear Leader disappears underground, the shelling stops, the Dear Leader emerges and carries on as if nothing has happened. He doesn’t seem to notice the decimation of his troops, consider a change in tactics or something entirely more noble.

    On a historical note, things are obviously far worse for us under the Centrist Cleggites than for the legions fighting Spartacus. At least under the Commander Crassus, 9/10 troops survived the punishment – hence the name decimation.

  • John Roffey 22nd Nov '14 - 7:47pm

    @ Stephen Hesketh

    “He doesn’t seem to notice the decimation of his troops, consider a change in tactics or something entirely more noble.”

    I can accept that the buzz [compared to a heroin rush] that leaders experience as a result of being in charge blinds them to the actuality of the effects of their misguided actions as leader. However, the expectation is that those able to see the what is really the case and take action to remove the leader will do so – when it becomes clear that the leader is living in a land of fantasy.

    So the it is the current MPs who are the true culprits. They have the power to remove NC – the mystery is why do they not act now – and decisively!

  • Bill Chapman 22nd Nov '14 - 8:11pm

    Oh, dear. Is all this effort worth it? I suspect that the candidates selected for some of these seats will barely achieve double figures in May. The humiliation will count more than the mass of lost deposits. I have argued before that ity would be best to circle the wagons and stand in, say, a score of seats next year.

  • John Roffey 22nd Nov '14 - 9:11pm

    @ Bill Chapman

    “The humiliation will count more than the mass of lost deposits”

    Whereas I agree that yours is a pragmatic solution to a dire situation, I think that it should be recognised that the problem can be solved at its root, by the current MPs acting for the good of the Party – not for their own self centred motives.

    It does seem that the Party does have more than its fair share share of career politicians whose only interest is personal gain. However, as I understand the rules, it would only take a majority of the Party’s MPs to oblige NC to go. Since it must be blindingly obvious to these that NC’s continued leadership will very likely lead to the Party’s extinction- it seems sensible to view this bunch in categories.

    Category I – those who believe they can retain their seat because of their personal reputation in their constituency – and therefore do not feel obliged to enter the painful world of Party survival. 10 MPs?

    Category 2 – those MPs holding ministerial posts and who have convinced themselves that the work they are doing is of major significance and therefore worth staying in the coalition for – even if it leads to the Party’s extinction [not recognising that any legislation they do manage to originate is likely to be overturned by the next administration]. 10 MPs?

    Category 3 – those who have been promised a seat in the HofL – clearly an attractive proposition for any MP who recognises that their political career is over. No idea how many of these there are.

    Category 4 – the weak willed – those who have been promoted far beyond their talent and simply do not have the wherewithal to stand up to powerful personalities such as Ryan Coetzee. It would seem that the majority of MPs fall into this category!

  • Another thread full of self-important whinging. If you can think of nothing useful or relevant to say then why say anything ?

  • Tsar Nicolas 22nd Nov '14 - 10:15pm

    @John Roffey

    Putin in his major (but under-reported in western media) foreign policy speech at Valdai a few weeks back asked (rhetorically, I think) whether some European leaders were being blackmailed into going along with US foreign policy.

    That suggestion makes me wonder whether there is a fifth category of MPs – after all, it would make sense of why GCHQ collects every single email, phone call, text message.

  • @ paul barker – presumably because people who put in years and decades of support, work and funding for a cause feel that they both can and should?

  • @ Tsar Nicolas

    ” whether some European leaders were being blackmailed into going along with US foreign policy”

    Whereas it is clear that most of the MPs are not acting in the best interests of the Party by continuing to support NC’s leadership – this photo that originally surfaced in the Mail, I think, does give some support to the view – although NC does not look as if he has been blackmailed but very eager – but he is the son of a a very wealthy banker which does explain why he has supported Osborne’s measures that have richly rewarded global bankers and corporations at the expense of the majority in the UK and is supporting TTIP.

    No wonder Clinton is greeting him like along lost brother!

  • Tonights terrible Ashcroft poll should be mandatory, reality awakening reading for Liberal Democrats, especially all the MPs and Ministers.

  • Paul In Wokingham 24th Nov '14 - 11:31pm

    @Theakes – today’s Ashcroft poll is consistent with similar dire polls over a long period. The party is not prepared to listen. It prefers its delusions.

    In the weighted Ashcroft data (table 3) used to produce the headline polling numbers, there were 37 Lib Dems voters (total wieghted sample 537) , compared with 28 SNP voters. Yes, we are in danger of being overtaken by the SNP is nationwide opinion polls. And in the “England only” tab we are on 6% compared with the Greens on 8% – pushing us solidly into 5th place.

  • Peter Chegwyn 25th Nov '14 - 1:09am

    Agree with theakes and Paul in Wokingham. Now the Dear Leader has resurfaced after disappearing for four days after Rochester (just as he did for four days after Clacton) it would be nice to know what he thinks of our dire position in the polls… and whether he has any plans for doing anything about it.

  • Right. Equal fourth position with the Greens in two out of three of yesterday’s polls. Ratings of 6%, 7% and 9%. Only just over five months away from a general election, and the rating is less than a third of what the party polled in 2010. There’s no way you’ll be able to hold more than a couple of dozen seats unless that situation improves in the nxt few months.

    And of course, if anything close to these ratings is repeated in a general election, the Lib Dems will lose their “major party” status for broadcasting purposes, and be replaced by UKIP. The disaster may very well be irreversible.

  • Peter Chegwyn
    “Are the Liberal Democrats a total irrelevance in modern elections?”
    This is the question Sky News put to Alistair Carmichael on Sunday morning.
    No wonder Clegg was in hiding.

    On the evidence of the last seven years – the best thing Clegg could do for the party would be to go into hiding for the next seven years.
    Before this week the worst result for the party was in the Glasgow Camlachie by-election in 1948, where at least we got slightly more than 1%.
    It took us more than thrty years to rebuild from that low point and get back to a situation where the party had more than 20 MPs.

    The “summer campaign” that Paddy talked about in the wake of the May local and European election disasters did not even register on the Richter Scale of Damp Squibs. If it happened at all it did not register with the voters.
    We are now worse off in the polls than we were in May.
    Are any of our MPs awake and reading the opinion poll ratings for Liberal Democrats in November 2014 ?

  • @ John Tilley

    “Are any of our MPs awake and reading the opinion poll ratings for Liberal Democrats in November 2014 ?”

    I don’t know if the ‘minority party’ status is as bad as the ‘joke party’ tag which is beginning to arise in the media quite frequently when the Party is mentioned. If that sticks – not even the most popular MPs will be able to hold their seats.

    Surely not all of the most influential MPs have settled for a seat in the HofL – or, like NC, has the prospect of another ministerial job after 2015, now incredibly remote, blinded them to reality?

    The behaviour of the parliamentary party is becoming a real mystery – but one that clearly is not going to be solved for the membership.

    Onwards and downwards!

  • A few months ago, a few week ago even I was hounded for suggesting the party could end up with a worst scenario situation of 10 -15 seats next May. Last night one assessment on the news had Labour and the Cons neck and neck with 283 and 284, the SNP on 33 and ourselves 24, only 9 more than the 15. At the same time the Ashcroft poll said in the 533 English constituencies the Lib Dems were 6% and the Greens 8%, we could well now come 6th in terms of total votes behind the Greens and Nationalists. Hitting the general election on 6 -8% we WILL have awful trouble defending seats.
    But the party does seemingly nothing about it. To give some comparison of the predicament we only got 7% in 1970 if I recall correctly and I voted in a Bradford seat. just one of 70 odd Liberal voters, but that 7% came from contesting less than 400 seats. We can imagine the vote in seats when the 7% is spread over 620+ constituencies.

  • @ theakes

    “We can imagine the vote in seats when the 7% is spread over 620+ constituencies.”

    Another possibility exists with regard to the silence of the Party’s MPs. In the Independent article by Caroline Lucas discussing the Green’s prospects at the GE – she wrote :

    “I can envisage that, notwithstanding the fact that there are some good and honourable people within the Lib Dem party and some of their MPs. The decision to have gone into the Coalition Government with the relish which they did has meant people who looked to the Lib Dems to provide an alternative feel incredibly let down.

    Has she learned from UKIP? Is she having secret discussions with the ‘honourable’ LD MPs with the plan that they stand for the Green Party in 2015?

    If the LD brand is as toxic as it is now – you could understand many of them taking this option – particularly as their following is generally personal, even more so than Tory MPs.

  • theakes 25th Nov ’14 – 11:55am

    A timely reminder of the 1970 general election with just 7% support.

    The result was just 6 Liberal MPs elected. Some of those six had tiny majorities.

    Is that where we will be on 8th May 2015?

  • Theakes
    The way we are now, it is quite possible to envisage a situation where we only stand in 400 or so seats. I think that sort of decision may need to be made in the New Year. Candidate numbers are not good at present (or, more accurately, candidate numbers who are both still in the Party, and prepared to stand either on a “paper” or real basis).

  • John Roffey
    Thank you for the link to The Independent article on The Greens. Which includes the following —

    “….Caroline Lucas said the Greens will stand 200 more candidates than at the last election and they plan to target 12 key seats.
    The “Green surge” comes as the party seeks to capitalise on soaring membership and strong opinion-poll ratings …….
    Ms Lucas said the Greens were prospering from a continuing backlash against the Lib Dems for entering a coalition with the Conservatives and for breaking their promises over university tuition fees.
    Her party collected 150,000 more votes than the Lib Dems in this year’s Euro-elections – and three MEPs to Nick Clegg’s one – and outpolled them by five to one in last week’s Rochester and Strood by-election. ”

    Clegg’s response to these facts has been to hide away and hope that no journalist is allowed close enough to him to be able to ask the Rochester Question.

    The Rochester Question was put to Alastair Carmichael on Sky TV News on Sunday morning —
    “Are the Liberal Democrats just an irrelevance?”

    Meanwhile it is not just voters but activists and campaigners that have already switched to The Greens.

    How many of The Greens 500 parliamentary candidates are former Liberal Democrats ?

  • nvelope2003 25th Nov '14 - 3:24pm

    At the 2010 General election, apart from Caroline Lucas winning and one or two other places, the Green vote collapsed in almost every seat so they would have to double their vote to get back to where they were in2005. Of course they might do all those things. Who knows ? They did very well in the 1989 European Elections but not at the subsequent General Election in 1992.

    When any organisation is doing badly it is quite normal to blame the leadership but there is no real likelihood that if the party’s programme had been implemented in full the result would have been any different because the policies are unpopular even when they are right. Of course breaking promises on tuition fees did not do much for the party’s credibility but the other parties have been breaking promises for decades, centuries in the case of the Tories but they have not been wiped out.
    What the public dislikes is the sort of de haut en bas attitude , as exemplified by a certain tweet, where the public feels that they are being told we know best and even if you do not like our policies they are for your good whether you like it or not and then it turns out the policies are no good at all. Unfortunately the so called elite just do not get it and it seems clear to many that they never will so an ignominious defeat is the only thing that will wake them up.

    Speaking to people who have offspring at University I am told that when they realised that the tuition fees do not have to be paid upfront and that the loans do not have to be paid by those earning below a certain level, or at all after 30 years, then they have no problem with it. In fact those who understand economics have said the only issue is the colossal debt which will accrue to the state in a few years because of all these allowances.

  • John Roffey 25th Nov '14 - 6:01pm

    @ nevelope2003

    I think you have to accept that climate change and global warming were not accepted by many more than 20 years ago – now more than half the population both here and in the US believe this is the case and caused by mankind.

    Like UKIP the Greens are in a period of sustained growth because they are viewed as parties which relate to the people not serving the global banking and corporations needs as the three old parties do.

    LD’s needs to make the switch if they do not want to become extinct or to see the vast majority of their supporters, activists and perhaps honest MPs make the switch.

  • paul barker 26th Nov '14 - 5:33pm

    Once again my Local Party will be choosing from an All Male Shortlist, I do hope that is an unusual experience around the country.

  • Andy JS 26th Nov ’14 – 1:31am
    Candidates selected so far for GE2015:

    Thank you for providing a link to this information.
    A few weeks to go to a general election and The Liberal Democrats are more than 350 candidates short of a full slate.

    When do nomination papers have to be handed in? Can anyone remind me?

  • David Evans 26th Nov '14 - 7:04pm

    Paul Barker. Your hope is a true fact. Nick draining the heart from the party means we still haven’t selected half our candidates yet and most of those seats remaining will not have any choice whatsoever. It will be this is the person on the parachute. They have £500. Try to help them collect the signatures.

  • nvelope2003 28th Nov '14 - 6:50pm

    John Roffey: The 2010 election was 4 years ago, not 20. If you are right why did the Greens poll so badly in 2010 ? I am not sure that you are right in implying the 3 traditional parties do not accept man made global warming. The problem is the vast sums of money which have to be found to deal with the situation while in the meantime people need money to live on and of course there is always the possibility it might all be wasted on the wrong policies, things that do not work etc

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