LDVideo: Nick Clegg speaking in Oxford West and Abingdon today

Thanks to Daisy Benson for putting this on You Tube. If this was the West Wing, it would be Nick’s stump speech and every time he speaks in the next few weeks, it’ll be the “modified stump” that he delivers.

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  • Steve Comer 29th Mar '15 - 7:39pm

    I’m very underwhelmed by this speech. The core message seems to be “we’re not as reckless with money as Labour and not as nasty as the Tories, so split the difference and vote for us.” No Mention of core LIBERAL principles at all, no mention of any of OUR policies, just an appeal to the soggy centre of politics to soften the impact of the Labservatives.. We can and should be able to do much better than this.

  • Philip Thomas 29th Mar '15 - 7:50pm

    Well, that IS the core message. I’ve been told it is our “USP”. We just have to trust Nick and “we will do so much better than anyone is expecting”.

    Actually, if we’re *expecting* to “do so much better than anyone is expecting” aren’t we kind of guaranteed to be disappointed?

  • Couldn’t they have found someone to write a better speech. It’s just plain boring and they need better than that.

  • Stephen Hesketh 29th Mar '15 - 8:12pm

    Other videos are available for those seeking a more impassioned Liberal view:


  • Simon Foster 29th Mar '15 - 8:12pm

    This was inspiring to be at in person, and Layla did a brilliant introduction. We’ve got some great press out of it, particularly the Oxford Mail who have described this seat as on a “knife edge.”

    Good turnout too – crowd of 89 here in poor weather 🙂

  • Simon Foster 29th Mar '15 - 8:13pm

    Correct – knife edge comment was ITV, I think Oxford Mail may have been “ultra-marginal” 🙂

  • Stephen Hesketh 29th Mar '15 - 8:26pm

    Philip Thomas 29th Mar ’15 – 7:50pm
    “Actually, if we’re *expecting* to “do so much better than anyone is expecting” aren’t we kind of guaranteed to be disappointed?”

    Hmmm. Greater than 8% of the vote and or 26 MPs will be a great victory for the combined forces of Equidistant Centrism and ‘Orange Bookery’.

    Last May/June, when pressed by our optimist-General Paul Barker, even I predicted something like 13-15% in the polls and 30 MP’s.

    Should Paul ever step down, it is presently looking as though I may be very much in line for his post.

  • Philip Thomas 29th Mar '15 - 8:33pm

    Oh, I will officially be disappointed if we get less than 48 seats.
    But that is a fight for another day. Today we’re trying to win OXWAB.

  • Bill le Breton 30th Mar '15 - 9:14am

    “Jokers to the right of me, clowns to the left …”

    but is there a centre anymore. An interesting piece by that northern soul dancer, Paul Mason, here http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/29/three-new-tribes-of-voters-will-dominate-this-election

    Don’t be put off by the three tribes bit. He is not referring to Ts, Lab and LDs.

  • Guardian ……Clegg refused to rule out the Lib Dems backing David Cameron’s plans for an in/out referendum on the EU before the end of 2017. This is a key issue for the Lib Dems, and some figures, like Vince Cable and Ed Davey, have suggested that having a referendum would create so much business uncertainty that it would be hard for the Lib Dems to support it. But Clegg did not make that argument and very deliberately kept open the option of voting for an in/out referendum……

    Where DO we stand?

  • I did post this on another thread – but it seems just as, if not more, relevant here:

    I think that far greater discussion is required, pre -election, on what the Party’s aims should be post election [apart from being part of another coalition] – these aims will need to be those that can bind together a presently severely divided party.

    Such discussions are likely to be far more valuable than endless articles ‘electioneering’ which are unlikely to significantly change the fortunes of the Party at the GE.

  • “The whole drama of the election rests on the fact that none of the major parties has fully accepted the emergence of these new faultlines, and are still trying to capture a political centre that does not exist.”

    Thanks go to Bill Le Breton for the link to this excellent analysis by Paul Mason of Ch 4 News.
    I don’t know how it sounds in The Wigan Casino but it certainly makes sense down here in the “Beautiful South”.

  • BLB – “When three tribes go to war, a point is all that you can … score!”

  • Bill le Breton 30th Mar '15 - 11:39am

    T’Man “Sweet” (as my son would say).

    Hope you enjoyed the article. Cd Liberal Democrats have important things to say about post industrial areas? Gordon Birtwistle has been very effective in Burnley. A Town which until 2001 or even until Gordon’s election (and his close work with Danny Alexander) was given the ‘managed decline’/’closing down’ treatment by faraway Westminster.

  • Philip Thomas 30th Mar '15 - 11:55am

    @John Roffey; the party’s aims post election – aka the manifesto? It will come out soon enough.

  • Bill Le B: Thanks for posting the article by Paul Mason. I think Mason’s core argument is very sound. I don’t always agree with his views, but its clear the old left/right certainties have been fading for years, and are less relevant now than ever.

    The trouble with the ‘split the difference equidistance’ is that it simply is not credible today. When the Labour Party was led by former lefty firebrand Michael Foot and had local parties full of Marxists, and the Tories were led by Thatcher with local parties full of free marketeers and hang ’em, beat ’em authoritarian, there was some sense in saying Liberalism moderated these extremes. Now ordinary people see are three main parties led by Oxbridge educated 40-something sons of privilege who’ve never had a real job outside the rarified world of the political elite!

    They also know that whoever wins the GE there will be spending cuts, and ‘more spin’ to try to prop up the illusion that the UK can have Scandinavian or Benelux levels of public services with US tax levels. My 12 years as a Councillor taught me that people aren’t as stupid as the Westminster elite think they are, I was hoping Lib Dems would be the party to be honest with people about real choices (as Vince Cable was years ago when he warned about the rise in consumer debt), but it seems not.

    Never mind I’m still enough of a mug to keep delivering the Focus leaflets, so I’m off out to do just that………..

  • Philip Thomas 30th Mar ’15 – 11:55am

    I hope the manifesto will come out before the election – although if it doesn’t it would be following in the Tory footsteps in so far as they do not seem to be planning to explain where the majority of their cuts will fall until after May 7 – if they should win!

    My concern was for the Party’s aims post [after] the election.

  • Stephen Hesketh 30th Mar '15 - 1:14pm

    Philip Thomas30th Mar ’15 – 11:55am
    “@John Roffey; the party’s aims post election – aka the manifesto? It will come out soon enough.”

    Philip, so a defeated party should adhere to ‘rejected’ policies broadly set by the previous leadership whose views were frequently at odds with the democratically agreed policies of the party and its philosophy as set out in its preamble ?

    Surely leaders have to lead in the direction the party wishes to travel. Once bitten twice shy.

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