7 ver 4 fullMany thanks to the  visitors who dropped by Lib Dem Voice this week. Here’s our 7 most-read posts…

Pauline Pearce seeks Liberal Democrat nomination in Hitchin (0 comments) by The Voice

Willie Rennie MSP writes…You wouldn’t put UKIP in charge of the EU, so you wouldn’t put the SNP in charge of the UK (22 comments) by The Voice

Opinion: Liberal Democrats should support abolishing the monarchy and it’s the right time to do so (59 comments) by David Faggiani

Money saving expert Martin Lewis on Labour’s fees policy: “Poorer students will subsidise city investment bankers” (61 comments) by Paul Walter

Danny Alexander: If we allow the Tories to govern by themselves, it frightens me (50 comments) by Newshound

It may not be popular, but it needs saying: most politicians are decent people who work ridiculous hours serving the public (53 comments) by Caron Lindsay

To hit the LibDems, Labour give £2 billion to graduates earning 32%+ above the average wage (61 comments) by Paul Walter




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