Our new PPB: The one with Vince’s hat

We have a new Party Political Broadcast to coincide with our Conference. It’s set in a creative agency in a meeting where they are trying to decide how to brand the Lib Dems. It’s got its quirky bits and is clearly set to appeal to the young, professional types.

The production quality is absolutely excellent. This could end up being the new Gold Blend series…

You can catch it on the actual telly at 18:25 on ITV and 18:55 on BBC1.

What do you think?

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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  • Richard Underhill 20th Sep '17 - 5:51pm

    In the 2010 election Vince was on the side of the bus, with a haircut.

  • Embarrassingly awful.

  • Oh, dear!

  • Malcolm Todd 20th Sep '17 - 6:33pm

    Wow. I wasn’t sure before, but I’m definitely going to vote Lib Dem again after seeing that.

  • OnceALibDem 20th Sep '17 - 6:56pm

    Basically HQ had a bet they could get Caron to say something non-positive about a Lib Dem thing. And lost.

  • Caron Lindsay Caron Lindsay 20th Sep '17 - 7:07pm

    @Once a Lib Dem. Yes, because I am the centre of the known universe as far as HQ is concerned. Everything they do is focused on me.

  • OnceALibDem 20th Sep '17 - 7:19pm

    You sit on the Federal Board so to a significant (and constitutional) degree you are just that.

  • Sheila Thomas 20th Sep '17 - 7:44pm

    The beginning was so bad that I had to turn it off after 20 seconds so I can’t really comment on the rest of the content. But re Caron’s observation that it “is clearly set to appeal to the young, professional types.” Have the Lib Dems given up on the majority of the electorate.? Surely attempts to segment society into niche groups for political purposes just undermines our democracy.

  • Lloyd Harris 20th Sep '17 - 7:50pm

    very much reminded me of the satire of how the BBC works the program W1A.

  • John Barrett 20th Sep '17 - 8:08pm

    Excellent….the best PPB the party has produced in years.

  • New lib dem political broadcast or a trailor for W1A? Yes Yes Fun Fun. No reasoned proposals just media buzz word:)

  • The best PPB for years…

  • Michael Newman 20th Sep '17 - 8:32pm

    Excellent PPB. I hope it’s first in a series that follows up and builds.

  • Tony Greaves 20th Sep '17 - 8:32pm

    Well I started with the firm intention of denouncing it and at the end I burst out laughing. The political message (here and there) was half right, too. But there again, I am easily seduced by hats. Heather had to explain the satire though, since I rarely watch TV apart from the news programmes. (And Cormoran Strike at the moment).

  • Made me laugh – it’s very much like the series ‘2012’ and ‘W1A’. And ‘the majority of the electorate’ will only watch a PPB if it’s entertaining, otherwise it’s straight for the kettle or change the channel.

  • Caron Lindsay Caron Lindsay 20th Sep '17 - 9:02pm

    OMG! The Greaves seal of approval! That is quite something.

  • Allan Brame 20th Sep '17 - 9:04pm

    W1A is my favourite TV show and I’m hardly “a young professional type”.
    This can appeal to a much wider audience than some here are suggesting. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I loved it

  • Yeovil Yokel 20th Sep '17 - 9:14pm

    “Yeah, but isn’t this Brexit thing really so last Summer?” (3:35).

  • Love it

  • Liberal Maverick 20th Sep '17 - 10:09pm

    Vince really must wear that hat more often.

  • It was very amusing, much better than most party political broadcasts and very well made. And I say that as someone who is not a Lib Dem voter.

  • **Applause**

    That works.

    I’d love to have seen the W1A style marketing planning meeting that came up with a W1A style marketing PPB but….


  • It was very amusing, much better than most party PBBs and very well made. And I say that as someone who is not a Lib Dem voter.

  • Martin, if Vince was a professional actor then yes you would be right, but as he isn’t I think it makes it more authentic.

  • I think young / younger voters will decide the next election; so good ad IMHO.

  • Saw most if it. Vaguely funny, but is it not also a bit patronising? Talks to people as if they are a bit stupid. Whole Vince Cable hat thing is also a bit cringey.

  • I really like it – but am conscious it plays to a fairly narrow audience of young hipster professionals. I like the “I like the hat” stuff but I actually really dislike Vince’s hat. I really really like our staffer… we need to select her for a good seat.

  • I loved it, but then I got all the references to W1A. I suppose if you don’t know (or like) that series then it won’t really work for you.

  • Catherine Jane Crosland 21st Sep '17 - 7:42am

    I haven’t seen the series of which this is apparently a parody, so perhaps that’s why, as Mary says, this doesn’t work for me.
    But I’m afraid this is going to confirm many people’s suspicion that the Lib Dems these days are are more concerned about “image” than about principle.
    Watching this team trying to re-brand” the party, the public will be picturing the (perhaps very similar? ), team who met to devise a party political broadcast and somehow thought this one would be a good idea!

  • Fantastic I love it. This will surely appeal to all ages.

  • Jamie Melly 21st Sep '17 - 8:00am

    I had to question whether it wasn’t a joke at first but I really enjoyed it. It makes a change from unions and red flags on the one hand and strong and stable on the other. Loved it.

  • David Westaby 21st Sep '17 - 8:05am

    This is a polished PPB which I find very engaging. No format will appeal to all but it is another positive step at a time when there is a real need to get a message across of a party that is very actively engaged across a wide spectrum of concerns. Just keep sending out the messages.

  • Where can I buy a Vince hat ?

  • Never heard of “W1A” before (what is it? Sounds like I might like it) but really enjoyed thus PPB. Good way to get some serious messages across in a light-hearted way

  • John Probert 21st Sep '17 - 9:46am

    Lib Dems: throw away your sandals. If you want to get ahead get a Vince Cable hat.

  • Yeovil Yokel 21st Sep '17 - 10:43am

    I agree that it’s well-produced, sophisticated and funny, but if your ‘average’ voter is someone whom tv ads are designed to target then I can’t see this appealing to the Man on the Clapham Omnibus (or the Person on the Nottingham Tram). I don’t want my membership subscription and donations spent on something which will make ME feel better – did the bright young things in Great George Street who commissioned this road test the idea amongst non-Lib Dem voters before it was produced?

  • David wilkinson 21st Sep '17 - 10:44am

    Someone recently posted on LibDemVoice about rebranding of the party and its happened.
    It is now the comedy party and the bird has been replace by a joker.
    The first 20 seconds put me off, but I watched it all the way the through to be sure of the material.
    I have a poor opinion of it and think it was a waste of money, but the real test will be in the public’s reaction and the sale of fedora hats. Stockport and Luton be ready.

    However Carol’s comment of appealing to the “young professionals” shows about 85% of the population is being ignored.

  • Who watches PPB’s? Time they were done away with.

  • Neil Sandison 21st Sep '17 - 3:30pm

    If the PPB has acheived cut through and everyones talking about the hat and the message then its done its job .

  • Personally I loved 2012, and its follow-on W1A in which the BBC takes the p out of its management style. But these were on BBC2 (as is the new W1A series), which many voters don’t watch. People who have never seen these shows are likely to be more confused than converted. So I hope the next PPB after this targets a different demographic.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 21st Sep '17 - 8:22pm

    Well performed , amusing to those who get it, but , as Catherine says, who is going to see it as we can , or those in the party political world.

    A broadcast to make Vince a right on dude is not going to happen in its intention , fulfilled.

    Vince and Jo are not going to cut through thus.

    And Jo overdoes it at times , gravitas is better than overblown, the Trump thing gets out of hand, the references to him , too forced, as was this ppb.

  • Colin Brown 21st Sep '17 - 8:31pm

    I started off really disliking it, but by the end I was chuckling. My son (a moderate Labour party member!) said he rather liked it, and hoped the W1A element would kick off a whole new series of/approach to PPBs.

  • Phil Wainewright 21st Sep '17 - 8:44pm

    This seems to be a bit of a ‘marmite’ PPB – you either love it or you hate it.

    In the interests of balance, perhaps the next one could be in the style of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’.

    They should keep the hat, though.

  • John Barrett 21st Sep '17 - 8:55pm

    Mary Reid – Not so, I have never seen W1A and loved the PPB.

    I am sure it will appeal to more than the young professional types, or the 18 – 35s.

    As someone who has been a party member for over 30 years, I clearly am not in that group and I am sure many other older members will have appreciated the content and the humour.

  • It was top hat!

  • Tristan Ward 22nd Sep '17 - 8:20am

    This 51 year old life long liberal (never heard of W1A) really liked it. Good projection of Lib Dem values underneath the satire on branding and pokes fun at the other parties too.

    I showed it to a 30 ish work colleague (Lib dem/labour flipflopper). She loved it.

  • Personally I thought it was a wee bit forced at times, but most people I’ve talked to about it (some in the party, some not) liked it. I don’t think it will nudge our poll ratings, but our task at the moment is to promote Vince, get people talking about him. All part of a bigger long-term strategy.
    I love W1A. (you can see it on bbc iplayer!)

  • That’s by far the best PPB we’ve done in a long, long time.

  • John barrett 23rd Sep '17 - 10:48am

    Does anyone know how many people actually watch Party Political Broadcasts?

  • Does anybody remember George Galloway’s election posters. Hats are just a bad idea. Politicians trying to be funny is always sending mixed messages. Bit like Tony Blair, ‘am I bothered’. It’s a NO from me I’m afraid.

  • Andrew Meadowcroft 23rd Sep '17 - 5:39pm

    More like this please, I get dozens of excellent lefty videos sent every week through various anti-brexit, anti-racist pages, the GE was full of them whilst we sent out our woefully worthy but weary videos!

  • Brilliant though still a bit too much policy, People might just remember it the next day. I like the playing on Ca(pa)ble.

  • John McGinley 28th Sep '17 - 11:26am

    The real W1A is already wearing very thin – we have seen all the jokes many times already. Amateur actors and scripwriters trying the same thing just makes for an excruciating PPB.

    I agree with Catherine Jane Crosland’s comment. I am a Lib Dem supporter – please get in some serious facts about us being the only major party opposing Brexit and why; that pro-Brexit arguments have been unravelling steadily, peoples opinions are shifting as they realise they have been conned etc etc. Not that there can’t be any jokes – but used sparingly to more effect. PPBs are such a precious resource – they must not be trivially squandered like this.

  • ROBERT BRADDOCK 14th Oct '17 - 10:08pm

    Brilliant! I loved it and think it will appeal to more potential voters than the young professionals. I refreshingly different Party Political. Great to hear that the Lib-Dems stand for a second referendum on Brexit – the last one was a complete farce!

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