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Opinion: Auditors refuse to sign off EU accounts – the latest untruth from the anti-Europeans

I’ve just been accused of issuing the dullest tweet of the week. Admittedly, “This week, the European Court of Auditors signed off the #EU’s accounts, as it has done annually since the 2007 financial year” is hardly the most exciting 133 characters ever featured on twitter, but with half-a-billion tweets emerging from the twitter fire hose daily, it was quite a condemnation.

But the point I made in that tweet is important. Why? Because this week saw another raft of accusations that – yet again! – the European Court of Auditors has refused to sign off the EU’s accounts.


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LDV accounts published

In a follow on from Stephen’s post yesterday giving details of donations to the Liberal Democrats, I can now put on my LDV Bursar hat and announce that the summary of LDV accounts are available online to members of our forum.

I give details of our income from donations and advertising, and how we spent it last year.  I also give a few ideas of how we might spend our money next year.

But I’m afraid as ever, it ends with an appeal for cash:

We continue to warmly welcome donations! The donations figure above represents only 11 individual donors with

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