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Revealed: the Lib-Con pact election poster

Liberals and Conservatives united together in a British general election to fight for freedom and vanquish Big State corporatism:

Over half a century ago, mind.


Disclaimer: this poster, photographed by me, is from the Bodleian Library’s modern political papers archive – copyright is believed to reside still with the party. Could Cowley Street please contact me if they wish this image to be removed.

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Probably the most inappropriate Christmas card ever sent …

The year is 1938, and you’re looking for a suitably seasonal picture for the front of your Christmas cards. A festive image which will convey seasonal goodwill to all humanity.

What could better symbolise those eternal truths than an international peace treaty signed by the two major European powers which had once been at war? And so it came to pass that this Christmas card was produced and exchanged some seven decades ago:

Chamberlain & Hitler

And here’s what it said inside:

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