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++Lib Dems GAIN former council ward of Brecon and Radnor’s Conservative MP

Great news this morning.

Congratulations to Councillor James Gibson-Watt! Very well done to James and all the Brecon and Radnor team!

Details are:

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Remembering the Brecon & Radnor by-election


30 years ago, in July 1985, Richard Livsey came from third to win a sensational by-election victory for the SDP/Liberal Alliance. In doing so, Richard re-established a Liberal presence in Brecon & Radnor that few had thought possible after a period of gradual decline.

In 1945 the Welsh Liberal party had formed the backbone of British Liberalism – supplying its leader, Montgomeryshire MP Clement Davies, and half the parliamentary party.  By 1979, the representation had been reduced to one – Geraint Howells being the sole survivor in Ceredigion (as we found out last month, history repeats itself; sometimes painfully). He was joined in 1983 by Alex Carlile who reclaimed Montgomeryshire.

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    Good to see this business-like work. * long term spending based on long term income * fairness to staff - foundational * members and supporters...
  • User AvatarTim Hill 22nd Feb - 11:52am
    Despite some rather silly comments by others, bearing in mind the political history of the Ward, this is a good result for us. Not brilliant,...
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    I meant to add that the unique situation of Northern Ireland has an evangelical Church aspect, of course, but that is bound up with a...
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    @Ian Sanderson I didn’t mean to suggest there were no right-wing evangelicals in the UK, just that they are not an organised and powerful constituency...
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    Good Morning leaflets are a two edged sword. Great for getting the last message and reminder out to so many, but at the wrong time...
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    @Chistopher Curtis ' the UK (there is no real evangelical right in the UK, for example) and in other places with their own histories and...