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We must target the more diverse areas in London and win

“There are low hanging fruit in London for the taking”

What my good friend Cllr Kuldev Sehra means by this is that there are many areas that are looking for an alternative, when they think their vote is taken for granted. Kuldev is part of the team helping the Chiswick LibDems in a by-election in Hounslow. This has never been an area that the Lib Dems have targeted but from early conversations there is some interesting potential here. Cllr Sehra is our first turban wearing Sikh LibDem London councillor elected in Richmond, Whitton ward, last May, he is a great local …

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ALDC by-election report, 24th November 2022

There is only one place to start and that’s on the Isle of Wight where newly elected Lib Dem councillor Nick Stuart won Brighstone, Calbourne & Shalfleet ward from the Conservatives with a 23.5% increase in vote share.

Congratulations Nick and the Lib Dem team in the Isle of Wight – an amazing victory that goes to show that hard work pays off.

Isle of Wight UA, Brighstone, Calbourne and Shalfleet
Liberal Democrat (Nick Stuart): 526
Conservative: 239
Green: 153
Independent: 36
Labour: 31

In Warrington we also put in a really good performance in Rixton & Woolston ward where Lib Dem candidate Brian Meichin increased the Lib Dem vote share by 5% to finish a strong third with over 200 votes. The Conservatives narrowly held the ward by just 3 votes!

Warrington MBC, Rixton & Woolston
Conservative: 648
Labour: 645
Liberal Democrat (Brian Meichin): 219

The final principle election with a Lib Dem candidate was on Bassetlaw DC. Thank you to Phil Ray for standing and giving voters a Lib Dem option on the ballot paper in Sutton ward. Labour won the ward from the Conservatives on the night.

Bassetlaw DC, Sutton
Labour: 301
Conservative: 224
Liberal Democrat (Phil Ray): 12


ALDC by-elections report, 17th November 2022

A stonking eight by-elections were held in the mid-November chill yesterday. While we may have only stood candidates in 50% of these, our presence was certainly known where we did.

The Conservatives had a poor showing, losing both defences to Labour. Scraping a win in Darwen South Ward, the latter’s eyewatering 7-vote majority in Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council highlights Liberal Democrat Mark Davies’ 137 votes. Congratulations to Mark for standing! In a similar vein, Greenlands Ward in Blackpool saw Kev Benfold secure 77 votes alongside Labour’s slender 32-vote majority over the Conservatives. Even more impressive was Kev standing in an area where no Lib Dem had done so for over 10 years! Thank you, Kev. 

Down the road in Hollinwood, Oldham, Dominic Cadman won 36 votes. Well done Dominic! Even further north, in Glasgow, Joseph McCauley racked up 294 votes – thank you Joseph! 

In all four elections where no Liberal Democrat stood, the winning party got over 60% of the vote, and in Rhondda, Labour won 80%, with the full results shown below. 

Far be it from me to inflate my knowledge of Darwen or Blackpool politics – however the occasion of third party tallies exceeding slim winning margins leaves campaigners like us in the Liberal Democrats pondering “did we have an impact, and was it worth standing a candidate?” In all cases, but especially this one, I argue; yes! 

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ALDC by-election report, 10th November 2022

November is always a busy time for by-elections and Thursday was no exception, with nine principal council seats up for grabs – all in England.

Sadly, only four of these contests had Liberal Democrat candidates. As soon as you find out there is a by-election coming up in your area, don’t assume somebody else will organise it – please get in touch with ALDC straightaway, apply for a grant if you need one and always stand a candidate!

Starting in the North West of England, in Burnley, we came heartbreakingly close to gaining a seat from the Conservatives. Commiserations to Russell Neal for missing out by just nine votes in Rosehill with Burnley Wood ward – we pushed the Conservatives into third place but a surge in the Labour vote saw their candidate take the seat.

Burnley BC, Rosehill with Burnley Wood
Labour: 372 (39.4%)
Liberal Democrat (Russell Neal): 363 (38.4%)
Conservative: 123 (13.0%)
Green: 87 (9.2%)

In Kingston upon Thames, we sadly lost a seat in the Green Lane & St James ward to the Kingston Independent Residents Group, a localist party. Well done to our candidate, Mahmood Rafiq, and the local team in New Malden for conducting a positive campaign.

Kingston upon Thames LBC, Green Lane & St James
KIRG: 855 (46.3%)
Liberal Democrat (Mahmood Rafiq): 647 (35.1%)
Labour: 265 (14.4%)
Conservative: 78 (4.2%)

In Greasley (Broxtowe BC) the Liberal Democrat share of the vote was 10.7%, which is encouraging given we did not stand in the ward last time. Similarly in Bourne East (South Kesteven DC) we won 11% of the vote – having not fielded a candidate here in 2019. These are encouraging results and will hopefully lead to success in future district and county elections in these areas.


ALDC by-election report – 3rd November 2022

It’s been a busy week for by-elections – with 7 principal council seats up for grabs and some great Lib Dem results in Parish Councils too.

There was a double-vacancy on South Cambridge District Council in Longstanton ward following a double Lib Dem resignation. The Lib Dems achieved the biggest vote share in the election and one Lib Dem candidate was elected. Congratulations to Cllr Natalie Warren-Green. The Conservatives won the second seat in the ward, pipping our Lib Dem candidate Lawrence Zeegan by just 32 votes. It is always gutting to miss out by such a small margin but thank you to Lawrence for standing for us and hopefully you will get it next time!

South Cambridge DC, Longstanton
Liberal Democrat (Natalie Warren-Green and Lawrence Zeegan): 1112
Conservative: 960
Labour: 677
Independent: 422
Green: 254

Next we move to Salisbury where we had a fantastic double victory. First of all on Wiltshire Council where newly elected Cllr Sam Charleston won Salisbury St Paul’s ward from the Conservatives – beating them into third place and increasing the Lib Dem vote share by 34%. Congratulations to Sam and the team. A stonking result!

Secondly we also won Salisbury St Paul’s ward on Wiltshire City Council – again gaining from the Conservative and pushing them down to third place. Congratulations to Cllr Lynne Blackwood on picking up 60% of the vote and a great win.

Wiltshire UA, Salisbury St Paul’s
Liberal Democrat (Sam Charleston): 813
Labour: 237
Conservative: 213

Wiltshire City Council, Salisbury St Paul’s
Liberal Democrat (Lynne Blackwood): 760
Labour: 279
Conservative: 229


ALDC by-election report – 27th October 2022.

There were only two principal council by-elections this week. The very good news is there were Lib Dem candidates in both of them, and both achieved positive results that moved the Lib Dems forward in the ward. So well done and thank you to everyone involved.

We start in the East Midlands on Derbyshire County Council where our candidate Rachel Allen achieved an impressive result in Long Eaton ward – increasing the Lib Dem vote share by 5% and jumping into 3rd place. Well done to Rachel and the team in Derbyshire! Labour gained the seat from the Conservatives.

Derbyshire CC, Long Eaton
Labour: 1104 (51.1%, +15.1%)
Conservative: 723 (33.5%, -16.5%)
Liberal Democrat (Rachel Allen): 239 (11.1%, +5.1%)
Green: 94 (4.4%, -1.6%)

Next we move over to the West Midlands to Sandwell MBC and Wednesbury South ward. Thank you to Manjit Singh Lall, for not only standing and making sure there was a Lib Dem on the ballot paper, but also finishing an impressive 3rd out of 5 candidates. This is the first time we had stood in the ward since a by-election in October 2009! Finishing so high up is a great achievements and it just goes to show the importance of always standing a candidate!

Sandwell MBC, Wednesbury South
Labour: 854 (51.3%, -6.3%)
Conservative: 654
Liberal Democrat (Manjit Singh Lall): 77 (4.6%, from nowhere)
Green: 56 (3.4%, from nowhere)
TUSC: 23 (1.3%, from nowhere)

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ALDC by-election report – 20 October 2022

It has been a slightly mixed week for the Lib Dems in by-elections – with both fantastic gains and some tough losses. A huge positive is there were Liberal Democrat candidates in all 5 principal by-elections on Thursday night.

It’s important to stand a candidate in all by-elections and give voters the opportunity to support the Lib Dems – and we did this in every by-election this week. So thank you to everyone who stood for us.

We start the roundup with a superb gain on Guildford Borough Council from the Conservatives. Congratulations to Councillor Richard Morris and the local team for gaining Tillingbourne ward with a 16% increase in the vote.

Guildford BC, Tillingbourne ward
Liberal Democrat (Richard Morris): 636
Conservative: 293
Residents for Guildford & Villages: 185
Green: 168
Labour: 85

We were extremely unlucky in Fareham Borough Council as we lost Porchester East ward by just 25 votes. It is always gutting to lose out by such a tiny margin. Thank you the our candidate Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett and the Lib Dem team there for all your hard work.

Fareham BC, Porchester East ward
Conservative: 957
Liberal Democrat (Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett): 932
Labour: 379
Independent: 275

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ALDC By-Election Report

It was a busy week for by-elections with 9 principal Council seats up for grabs – and some great Lib Dem results.

We start with a brilliant double victory in Warrington. Two Lib Dem held seats were being contested in Grapenhall ward and both were brilliantly retained by new Lib Dem councillors Helen Speed and Mark Browne who together polled over 56.4% of the vote (almost a 10% increase in Lib Dem vote share. Well done to Helen, Mark and the local team in Warrington!

Warrington MBC, Grapenhall ward
Liberal Democrat (Helen Speed and Mark Browne): 1073 & 1047
Conservative: 524 & 462
Labour: 193
Independent: 60

We had another great Lib Dem hold on Harborough DC as Lib Dem Geraldine Whitmore won Market Harborough Logan ward – increasing the Lib Dem vote share by over 10%! Well done and congratulations to Cllr Whitmore and the local Lib Dem in Harborough.

Harborough DC, Market Harborough Logan ward
Liberal Democrat (Geraldine Whitmore): 582
Conservative: 382
Labour: 250
Independent: 60

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ALDC by-election report – 1 September 2022

We have one Liberal Democrat victory to report this week – on Brackley Town Council – as Lib Dem Jeremy Gladwin gain the ward of Brackley South that was previously held by an Independent. Congratulations to Cllr Gladwin and the team in Brackley!

If you have any Town or Parish council elections coming up in your area please let ALDC know by emailing [email protected] so we can report on them.

Brackley Town Council, Brackley South ward

Liberal Democrat (Jeremy Gladwin): 357
Independent: 126
Independent: 49

There were two principal authority by-elections on Thursday. Both of which had Lib Dem candidates standing. Thank you to both …

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ALDC by-election report 18th August

There were only two principal authority by-elections this week.

However one saw a fantastic Lib Dem hold on Cambridge City Council. Congratulations to Cllr David Levien and the team for making sure Trumpington ward remained Lib Dem with an increased vote-share and a fraction under 50% of the vote. A fantastic result!

Cambridge City Council, Trumpington ward
Liberal Democrat (David Levien): 1,017
Labour: 472
Green: 298
Conservative: 256

There was no candidate in Thursday’s other by-election – in which an Independent took the seat of Preesall on Wyre Borough Council from the Conservatives.

Wyre BC, Preesall ward
Independent: 595
Conservative: 495
Labour: 315
Independent: 102

A full summary of all results can be found on the ALDC by-elections page here.

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ALDC by-election report 7 April 2022

Pre-election fever is in the air but an action-packed night of gains, swings and Town Councils brought us into April with a bang. Although there were nine principal authority elections, we kick off proceedings with all the Town Council results. Here is the tale of the tape.

Amersham Town Council

Chesham and Amersham lives in Lib Dem folk law after a momentous parliamentary By-election victory last year, but could we carry on the victories in Buckinghamshire and pick up another town councillor in the area? After a hard-fought campaign, our candidate, Elizabeth Shepherd won, gaining the seat from the Conservatives and increasing our majority on Amersham Town Council to 9-6. Congratulations to Elizabeth and the whole team.

Liberal Democrat (Elizabeth Shepherd): 401
Conservative: 356
Green: 65
Labour: 25

Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative


Chippenham Town Council

The Lib Dems gained another seat at Cepen Park and Hunters Moon ward on Chippenham Town Council. Congratulations to the newly elected Councillor Conor Melvin. Another fantastic Town Council By-election result.

Liberal Democrat (Connor Melvin): 452
Conservative: 341
Green: 139

Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative


Weymouth Town Council

The Town Council success didn’t stop there, Tim Young and the team saw the chequered flag for the third Lib Dem victory in one night on Town councils in the Weymouth TC By-election. A valiant effort from Tim and the local party.

Liberal Democrat (Tim Young): 262
Conservative: 174
Labour: 95

Liberal Democrat HOLD



ALDC by-election report: 1 April 2022

The May local elections may just be over the precipice but there are still many hotly contested by-elections to contest until polling night. Three principal authority council By-elections this week and a Town council By-election for a good measure saw the Lib Dems back on the By-election trail.

First up we have Morecambe TC where newly elected Phil Forster gained the seat of Bare South West from the Conservatives. The Lib Dems really do love Town and Parish councils.

Morecambe TC, Bare South West
Liberal Democrat (Phil Forster): 85
Conservative: 67
Labour: 62

Next, we turn our gaze to Melton BC where Jim Adcock has the unduly task of campaigning in a ward that we have never contested before. A commendable second-place finish and a 25% vote share may win the plaudits but not the victory this time around.

Melton BC, Melton Sysonby
Conservative: 396
Liberal Democrat (Jim Adcock): 187
Labour: 165

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ALDC by-election report: 20 January 2022

The first intriguing by-election Thursday of 2022 was operating under the backdrop of “Partygate”. Would the shenanigans at Number 10 cut through on the local level? Can the Lib Dems strike while the irons are hot and bring home the bacon, though it’s Veganuary don’t you know? Would this week’s polls throw up any surprises? Here we have it, the round-up of all Thursday night’s by-elections.

Most notably then, Lib Dems and town council by-elections are a better match than one made in heaven. Three town council by-elections in Hatfield, Carterton and Dawlish ushered in gains, gains, gains for the native golds. Elsewhere, Labour held on in East Lothian and Charnwood BC whilst the Conservatives secured victories at Selby DC and East Lindsey DC by-elections.

There is nowhere else to start than all things town councils. A fantastic night for the Liberal Democrats ushered in a trio of successes. Tim Rowse at Hatfield TC, Natalie King at Carterton TC and Rachel Hardy at Dawlish TC all ran phenomenal campaigns and we congratulate you on your successes. What a great night to be a Liberal Democrat!

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By-election report 3 September 2021 – Win in Northampton

As always, a mixed bag of results for the by-elections this week. In three by-elections, we gained under 10% of the vote. But Newshound takes his hat off to Jacqueline Fuchshuber who gained a seat on Northampton Town Council by just seven votes. A win is a win, another Lib Dem win.

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4.4% swing to Lib Dems in Wiltshire by-election

Well done to Harry Ashcroft and the team for achieving a 4.4% to the Lib Dems from the Conservatives in the Wiltshire Council by-election today.

The by-election was caused by the resignation of the Conservative councillor, who was elected as the MP for Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire.

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Wiltshire by-election today

Good luck to Harry Ashcroft and team in today’s by-election in the Till and Wylye Valley ward of Wiltshire Council.

The by-election was caused by the resignation of Conservative councillor Darren Henry, who was elected MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire in the December general election.

You can read Harry Ashcroft’s busy Facebook page here.

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By-election win on Hedge End Town Council

Many congratulations to John Shepherd and team on winning the Hedge End Town Council, St Helens Ward by-election, on Thursday:

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Forthcoming By-Elections

Below is a list of forthcoming by-election contests around the country to look out for and get involved in.

It is encouraging to see that in the short time since the 2019 General Election the Liberal Democrats have seen the most net gains.


By-election results this week

Good news this week from Duxford in Cambridgeshire, where Peter McDonald won a County Council seat with a massive 26% swing! Congratulations to him and his team.

An even bigger swing to us in Whittlesford in South Cambridgeshire, but not quite enough to unseat the Conservative in a two horse race.

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More by-election news

Well done and thank you to Andrew Matthews, who stood for the party in the Royal Wooton Bassett Town Council (North ward) by-election yesterday. This ward was last contested at the main elections in 2017 when the Tories took four of the seats and we took three. A vacancy occured in one ofthe Conservative-held seats, causing the by-election. The result was:

Thank you and well done also to Martin Jones who stood for us in the by-election for Spennymoor Town Council. The result was an extraordinary win for the Conservatives, who didn’t stand for this council in the last main set of elections in 2017 and the two by-elections since:

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Two Lib Dems break through onto Andover Town Council

Many congratulations to Luigi Gregori and Robin Hughes on being elected to Andover Town Council to represent the Harroway ward.

Up until today the town councillors have represented the Andover Independents Party and the Andover Alliance, with two independent members. So, Luigi and Robin are the first Lib Dems since the last main set of elections in 2019 at least.

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Good luck to Liberal Democrat candidates standing in by-elections today

In Seaford East Ward of Seaford Town Council (in Lewes district) there is a by-election today. Good luck to Maggie Wearmouth (above with some of her team) who is standing for us there.

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A ray of hope in West Suffolk

It would be fair to say that Suffolk has not been a bright spot for Liberal Democracy for some years, and West Suffolk has been weak even in that context, with no representation on the District Council or its predecessors since 2015.

However, with a recent membership surge, the resignation of the newly elected MP for Aberconwy from both the District and County Councils offered an opportunity to get local members engaged. Our candidate, Jonny Edge, is a local school governor, and with support from some experienced old hands – many thanks to …

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Good luck to Jonny Edge and team in Suffolk this Thursday

Jonny Edge (left) and his team in Newmarket and Red Lodge

There are two by-elections in Suffolk this Thursday, both caused by the resignations of a Conservative councillor who was elected as an MP in Aberconwy, North Wales.

Jonny Edge is our candidate in both the contest for the Newmarket North seat on West Suffolk District Council and also the battle for the Newmarket and Red Lodge seat on Suffolk County Council.

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+++Anton Georgiou wins big in Brent!

Many congratulations to Anton Georgiou and his team on a stunning by-election win in Alperton ward, Brent!

Anton achieved a stonking 29.5% swing to the Lib Dems, to grab the seat from Labour.

Siobhan Benita, our London Mayoral candidate, campaigned strongly with Anton – this is a great boost for her campaign for London.

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Good luck to our candidates and teams in by-elections tomorrow!

There are four seats on Brent Council, London, up for grabs in by-elections tomorrow. These contests have been caused by the resignations of four Labour councillors.

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ALDC By-Election Review – 14th March

Thursday saw three by-elections take place across the country with two Labour seats and an Independent seat up for grabs.

Southampton UA, Coxford Ward

Lab 668 Con 529 LD Sam Chapman 450 SA 368 IS 178 Ind 174 UKIP 123 Green 53 Lab gain from Ind Percentage change from 2018

With the resignation of the Independent councillor, Coxford Ward was up for grabs with eight candidates battling it out. Sam Chapman and Southampton Lib Dems put on a great campaign opposing more tax rises and service cuts from the Labour council and putting forward some great ideas to improve the city’s air quality and environment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for Sam, but the success of the campaign shone through as the Lib Dem vote share increased by 14.7%. Well done to the team on a great result that leaves the party in great stead for the next round of elections this May.

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ALDC By-election review 21st February 2019

70 days to go to the local elections was celebrated in the form of two by-elections taking place across the country on 21st February.

Northamptonshire CC, Oundle
Con 1864
LD Marc Folgate 1276
Lab 403
Lab 779
Con 271
LD Richard Jerrett 46
PC gain Lab
Percentage change from 2017

Thanks go also to Richard Jerrett and the Cardiff Lib Dem for their hard work campaigning and fighting hard for our liberal values. Despite a difficult result, it is always extremely important to have the option to vote for the Liberal Democrats and their hard work should be appreciated, especially in an …

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ALDC By-election review 2nd November

Three by-elections took place over the country last night with Lib Dem candidates spreading the word and standing in all by-elections. A quiet night saw a Lib Dem hold and a couple of tough results.

South Gloucestershire UA, Dodington

LD Louise Harris 693
Con 554
Lab 158

Turnout 25%

Louise Harris and the South Gloucestershire Lib Dems ran a great campaign to hold a seat in a close battle with the Conservatives. With UKIP not standing, a large proportion of votes were up for grabs and Louise and the team put in a great shift to gain 8.4% of the vote share. A great showing in an area that has lots of potential for a liberal future!

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2019: The ALDC Year of MORE

There are over 8,000 wards to fight in the 2019 local elections and we have the potential to make a lot of gains.

To help us make Thursday 2 May 2019 a resounding success we have set up a campaign – 2019: The ALDC year of MORE. We have four aims:

  1. More campaigners
  2. More candidates
  3. More councillors
  4. More councils

To wake up on Friday 3 May to a great set of results, as a Party, we need to be actively campaigning now.

We have a section on our website where we’ve been listing things that campaigners should be doing throughout the autumn. These …

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