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ALDC by-election report: 26th January 2023

Laying the groundwork in the north…

A solitary by-election occurred this week, in Rotherham Council. In 2021, Keppel ward returned 2 Labour and 1 localist councillor, of the Rotherham Democratic Party. Last night saw a surge of 12% in the Lib Dem vote, with Khoulod Ghanem achieving 445 votes, 300 behind Labour.

Also notable was the collapse in Conservative vote, going down by 25% compared to the previous election in this ward.

Rotherham is a region where we’re a growing presence, gaining 3 seats in 2021. This is a fantastic result for the party making in-roads to new areas of the city. Going from coming last out of 5 parties, in a ward where we didn’t stand a full slate of candidates for the all up elections, to coming second in less than 2 years is excellent. This is what we can achieve when we stand candidates and campaign! Really well done to everyone involved, a solid basis to win in the future! Full results below:

Keppel, Rotherham MBC

LAB: 745 (36.0%, -3.0%)

LDEM: 445 (21.5%, +12.6%)

IND: 381 (18.4%, +18.4%)

YP: 314 (15.2%, +0.2%)

CON: 119 (5.8%, -25.0%)

GRN: 59 (2.9%, +2.9%)

No RDP (Rotherham Democratic Party)


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ALDC by-election report: 12th January 2023

Only two principal by-elections occurred this week, a double whammy in Plymouth City Council. Huge congrats to Mike Gillbard and Colin Mackenzie for standing in Plympton Chaddlewood and Moor View – especially as we didn’t stand a candidate in Plymptom Chaddlewood last time! The Conservatives lost both seats; one to the Greens, another to Labour.

Over in Wells City Council, we had a Parish Council by-election where the Liberal Democrats took a seat from the Wells Independents with over half the vote share! Amazing news for Georgie Robbins and the Wells Liberal Democrats!

Little by little, the blue wall is crumbling. Full results below:

St Cuthbert’s Ward, Wells City Council

Georgie Robbins (Liberal Democrats): 436 (52.8%)
Wells Independents: 214 (25.9%)
Conservative Party Candidate: 176 (21.3%)

Liberal Democrat GAIN from Independent

Plympton Chaddlewood, Plymouth City Council

Green: 653 (44.9%, +1.6%)
Conservative: 425 (29.2%, -18.4%)
Independent: 182 (12.5%, +12.5%)
Labour: 147 (10.1%, +0.9%)
Liberal Democrat (Mike Gillbard): 33 (2.3%, +2.3%)
TUSC: 15 (1.0%, +1.0%)

Green GAIN from Conservative

Moor View, Plymouth City Council

Labour: 1415 (53.2%, +23.9)
Conservative: 877 (33.0%, -30.5)
Independent: 184 (6.9%, +6.9)
Green: 87 (3.3%, -1.1)
Liberal Democrat (Colin Alexander Mackenzie): 77 (2.9%, +0.6)
TUSC: 18 (0.7%, +0.2)

Labour GAIN from Conservative

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ALDC by-election report, 6th January 2023

A bite-sized start to by-elections in 2023, with just two taking place. In Uttlesford, Essex, the Conservatives took victory over localist Residents for Uttlesford, beating them 375 to 238. Lorraine Flawn of the Lib Dems achieved 88 votes, where no Lib Dem stood last time! Excellent news, and congrats to Lorraine and the Uttlesford Lib Dems.

Over in Cannock Chase, Labour edged the Conservatives by the cursed 52-48 margin, a testament to the binary systems of British politics. Labour and the Conservatives were helped – or were they hindered? – by a lack of third parties, with Greens, Independents and the Lib Dems choosing not to field candidates. Once a Lib Dem stronghold, we know not how we would have fared in disrupting the two-party system. Full results below:

Great Dunmow South & Barnston, Uttlesford DC

Conservative: 375 (46.0%, +16.7%)
Residents for Uttlesford: 238 (29.2%, -27.2%)
Labour: 115 (14.1%, +2.0%)
Liberal Democrat (Lorraine Flawn): 88 (10.8%, +10.%)

Conservative GAIN from Residents for Uttlesford


Etching Hill and The Heath, Cannock Chase DC

Labour: 422 (52.3%, +17.0%)
Conservative: 385 (47.7%, -0.3%)

No IND (-9.9%) or GRN (-6.8%) as previous.

No Lib Dem candidate.

Labour GAIN from Conservative

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ALDC by-election report: 22nd December

Your 2022 by-elections in review! Many congratulations to Lib Dems across the country year this, as we won  51 council by-elections this year, including 30 gains from other parties (Conservative, Labour, Green Party and independents). This is a net gain of 25 seats – significantly more than other parties!

Voters went to the ballot box in only one place this week, as the one and only by-election rounds off 2022 for Christmas. In Normanby ward in Redcar and Cleveland, we thank Tracy Jacobs for standing for the Lib Dems! A narrow Conservative gain from Labour, with multiple independents taking chunks of the vote – full results below:

Normanby, Redcar & Cleveland UA

Conservative: 389
Labour: 357
Independent: 143
Independent: 109
Liberal Democrat (Tracy Jacobs): 38

Conservative GAIN from Labour


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ALDC by-election report: 8th December

Seven by-elections were held in sub-zero temperatures yesterday, including a double vacancy! Our coverage is up, having stood 6 out of 8 potential candidates.

But what’s got Lib Dems chattering more than the cold is the fantastic result in Landkey ward in North Devon, where newly-elected Victoria Nel takes us into full control of the district council. A smashing success to Victoria and all the team in North Devon for placing another yellow brick in the blue wall!

A double vacancy in Colchester yielded a win each for the Lib Dems and Labour after both Independents handed in their resignations. Many congratulations to Alison Jay for being elected to represent Highwoods, and commiserations to Chantelle Whyborn who was our second candidate.

Over in Medway Council, Ben Rist flew the Lib Dem flag in Peninsula ward, and scored 29 votes – well done for standing Ben!

Up in Dumfries & Galloway, the Conservatives mopped up a win from Labour, winning on 2nd preference ballots. Many thanks to Iain McDonald for standing for the Lib Dems!

Further north in Lincolnshire, it’s an all-out fight between Conservatives and Independents, with one, an Independent hold, and another, a Conservative gain.

A chilly early December eve reminds me of what I’d absolutely love for Christmas… another Lib Dem-controlled council!

Full results below:

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ALDC by-elections report, 17th November 2022

A stonking eight by-elections were held in the mid-November chill yesterday. While we may have only stood candidates in 50% of these, our presence was certainly known where we did.

The Conservatives had a poor showing, losing both defences to Labour. Scraping a win in Darwen South Ward, the latter’s eyewatering 7-vote majority in Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council highlights Liberal Democrat Mark Davies’ 137 votes. Congratulations to Mark for standing! In a similar vein, Greenlands Ward in Blackpool saw Kev Benfold secure 77 votes alongside Labour’s slender 32-vote majority over the Conservatives. Even more impressive was Kev standing in an area where no Lib Dem had done so for over 10 years! Thank you, Kev. 

Down the road in Hollinwood, Oldham, Dominic Cadman won 36 votes. Well done Dominic! Even further north, in Glasgow, Joseph McCauley racked up 294 votes – thank you Joseph! 

In all four elections where no Liberal Democrat stood, the winning party got over 60% of the vote, and in Rhondda, Labour won 80%, with the full results shown below. 

Far be it from me to inflate my knowledge of Darwen or Blackpool politics – however the occasion of third party tallies exceeding slim winning margins leaves campaigners like us in the Liberal Democrats pondering “did we have an impact, and was it worth standing a candidate?” In all cases, but especially this one, I argue; yes! 

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