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Chris White writes: Will the Coalition end with a commercial?

It is always slightly too easy to exaggerate the importance of Prime Minister’s Question Time. To the uninitiated (and there are some, mainly in more genteel democracies) it is a form of reality TV in which a normally dignified man or woman, with much on their mind and better things to do with their time, is forced to stand up for half an hour on live TV and be accurate, well-informed, witty and, well, abusive.

One slip and he/she reads about it in all the papers for the rest of the week.

The latest contestant (let us call him Mr Bullingdon) discovered …

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  • User AvatarJenny Barnes 21st Sep - 10:53am
    Keeping the lights on - electricity supply from renewables does create some challenges. However, concentrated solar power in sunny deserts (Sahara) using salt as a...
  • User AvatarDenis Loretto 21st Sep - 10:12am
    Even if the extension to January 31 is secured that will not allow time for a people's vote to be held. Also the Tory mandate...
  • User AvatarAlex Macfie 21st Sep - 10:10am
    Michael BG: Legalistic? When we are talking about constitutional issues, surely the rule of law is paramount. As for our policy being a "constitutional monstrosity”,...
  • User AvatarTom Harney 21st Sep - 9:38am
    I think that FG and FF differences in Ireland had more to do with the sides they took in the civil war - the troubles
  • User AvatarJohn.M 21st Sep - 9:26am
    A broad-based Liberal party, with all its respectful debate, and ebb & flow of liberal perspectives and traditions can achieve so much more than a...
  • User AvatarFiona 21st Sep - 9:26am
    Paul, I absolutely agree that we need to be very clear about having a plan for what we'd do after Article 50 is revoked, and...
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