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Chris White writes: Will the Coalition end with a commercial?

It is always slightly too easy to exaggerate the importance of Prime Minister’s Question Time. To the uninitiated (and there are some, mainly in more genteel democracies) it is a form of reality TV in which a normally dignified man or woman, with much on their mind and better things to do with their time, is forced to stand up for half an hour on live TV and be accurate, well-informed, witty and, well, abusive.

One slip and he/she reads about it in all the papers for the rest of the week.

The latest contestant (let us call him Mr Bullingdon) discovered …

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  • User AvatarThomas 23rd Oct - 2:48am
    James Pugh - but he is very charismatic, more than Kennedy, Clegg and Swinson combined (Clegg and Kennedy at their peak never managed to create...
  • User AvatarLorenzo Cherin 23rd Oct - 1:20am
    ps George, unless of course you mistake me for another, I think you may, as adding this, I have on no posting ever said the...
  • User AvatarLorenzo Cherin 23rd Oct - 1:17am
    George Potter Apologies needed by you. I never posted on here in 2014, not until Autumn 2015! I never shout down anyone ever, find me...
  • User AvatarSean Hyland 23rd Oct - 12:48am
    matt - my arguments were made some time ago on here.
  • User Avatarmatt 23rd Oct - 12:16am
    @Martin I have not written any, what would be the point as they would not be published, thats a bit of a daft comment really....
  • User AvatarIan Martin 22nd Oct - 11:48pm
    Chris "The bedrock of Lib Dem support in far flung rural areas were not very well-off voters with a suspicion of London and Brussels." And...