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More news from Derby – this time it’s a drugs jail sentence

Normanton ward in Derby is turning into a livelier political contest than most. Not only is it home to the political genius that is Ashley Waterhouse, but now Labour candidate Balbir Sandhu is in the news.

Following a local newspaper campaign to force candidates to publish details of their past lives, “Anything to Declare?”, he has admitted to serving a two year jail sentence for possessing drugs 27 years ago:

Mr Sandhu said he supported the campaign and wanted the public to make their decision on who they voted for on May 5 with all the facts.

“People should know if

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Political genius at work in Derby

Ringing up a radio phone-in and giving a fake name may not be a smart move.

Doing so if you are a candidate in the forthcoming local elections is even less smart.

Doing so from a phone number recognisable as yourself is most certainly not smart.

Sticking to your fake name on the radio and then denying it was you even when rung back subsequently three times by the radio station, well that’s just being in a hole and digging.

But doing all of that when the radio phone-in was about honesty in politics?

That’s genius.

Well done Ashley Waterhouse (Conservative candidate, Normanton ward).

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Postal voting under police scrutiny

There have been two further recent reports of police investigations into postal vote allegations:

Police to investigate claims of postal vote fraud in council poll
… A complaint has been sent by the Conservative party to Derbyshire police about suspected fraud in the Sinfin ward in the Derby City Council local elections – which will be held on May 6, the same day as the General Election.

The complaint involves concerns that a voter was approached by men requesting her to fill in and sign three postal voting forms in favour of the Labour party… (Derby Telegraph)

Police probe ‘voting fraud’ at Bethnal

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