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What do you think about the drone attacks killing UK citizens in Syria?

I have to say that when I heard that David Cameron had authorised drone strikes on two UK citizens who had joined ISIS in Syria I felt very uneasy. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever with the men in question. I do care about due process and about the reputation of this country, though. I’m not convinced that what appears to be summary execution for actions that took place 3 and 4 months ago counts as “self defence.”

There didn’t seem to be much doubt that the men were up to no good:

The prime minister indicated that the UK and the US strikes followed intelligence that Khan and Hussain were plotting to attack “high-profile public commemorations” in the UK.

It is understood they were the Armed Forces Day event to mark the death of Lee Rigby, which was held in Woolwich on 27 June, and the VE Day commemorations presided over by the Queen in London in May.

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