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Alistair Carmichael election petition hearing to be broadcast live tomorrow

Two days of legal argument beckons as the next stage in the election petition against Alistair Carmichael in Edinburgh.

We won’t have to rely on journalists recounting the evidence, either. We’ll be able to see it all for ourselves as it’s broadcast live on STV. Here, from the STV website, is how to watch.

Broadcast You can watch on television on STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh. These can be found at Freeview channel 23, Sky channel 117 and Virgin channel 159 in both city TV broadcast areas.

The programme will start at 10am and feature full and uninterrupted coverage from the court.

There will be special coverage of the court case in STV News at Six and on Scotland Tonight from 10.30pm.

Online Visit the STV Player to watch the live programme from 10am. This is available on the STV Player app for both iOS and Android.

The Player stream is available only in the UK.

If you’re not already signed up to use the STV Player, now would be a good time to join.

STV News will offer live text updates from the court on this page.

Other media STV is making the broadcast footage available to other broadcast media via satellite link.

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    Hear Hear Phil Wainewright do we really need all this controversy during this present crisis?
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