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Stephen Tall guests on Guardian Politics Weekly podcast – Lib Dem conference preview

guardian politicsLibDemVoice co-editor Stephen Tall joined the panel for this week’s Guardian Politics Weekly podcast, hosted by Hugh Muir and also featuring Guardian columnists Seumas Milne and Anne Perkins. They preview the Liberal Democratic party conference; Ed Miliband’s reception at the TUC; and Boris Johnson losing the plot at the London assembly. There’s also a contribution from Lester Holloway from Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats, highlighting the party’s continuing difficulties in getting MPs elected from diverse backgrounds.

You can listen to it here online, or download it as an MP3 here.

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LibLink: Podcast – Mark Pack on the coalition’s first year

Over at The Guardian, The Voice’s own Mark Pack has taken part in a discussion with Hugh Muir and Martin Wainwright of The Guardian and Conservative Home’s Harry Phibbs to mark the first anniversary of the formation of the coalition. The discussion touches on most of the high and low points of the last year, and the views of the contributors as to whether the government will last its full term through to 2015.

The discussion, as well as contributions from voters in both Nick Clegg’s and David Cameron’s constituencies, is available to listen to as a podcast at The Guardian …

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How Clegg switched sides at half-time

No, not more revelations from the memoirs of New Labour’s svengali, Lord (Peter) Mandelson – rather a diary piece by Hugh Muir in the Guardian.

LDV readers may recall Nick Clegg’s conflicted loyalties in deciding whether to support Holland or Spain in Sunday’s World Cup final. It appears he found out a way to resolve them:

… at a cross-party reception for the Lib Dem thinktank Centre Forum, the deputy prime minister admitted that while he began watching the World Cup final supporting Holland, as the Diary said he would, he switched sides halfway through and began rooting for

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Lib Dem MP: Where’s my nearest railway station? In Norway.

The Voice enjoyed this snippet from Hugh Muir’s diary in today’s Guardian:

Alistair Carmichael, the Liberal Democrat MP for the distant seat of Orkney and Shetland, received a parliamentary travel expenses form, which asked: “What is your nearest mainline railway station?” He contacted the Fees Office to explain that his constituency is in the middle of the North Sea but was told he had to answer. OK then, he said: Oslo. The member for Smarty-pants west.

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