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Farron to run charity half marathon on Saturday

Tim Farron has never been known for being able to sit still for more than 30 seconds. The word “irrepressible” was probably invented for him. Even so, running a half marathon up a whole load of hills is a tall order, even for him.

But that’s what he’s doing on Saturday to raise money for  local hospice care.

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LibLink: Tim Farron: Rebuilding Cumbria in the wake of floods

In a column for the North West Evening Mail, Tim Farron talks about the difficulties people continue to face in the floods-hit Lake District:

Importantly we are still not sure when the A591 will be open again between Grasmere and Keswick and that is the major road priority in the county.

As you drive around you cannot help but see damage to lots of roads around the county. Cumbria County Council will be repairing potholes for months to come.

I am doing all I can to press the government to move to address these issues as quickly as possible and to find the money we need to get all the work done.

We have seen the temporary road open up by Thirlmere to get school children and any others who need to travel between Grasmere and Keswick through but this is really only a sticking plaster.

He did, however, make the point that the Lake District was still very much open for business. That made us think that it might be a good idea to go and visit there and see beautiful scenery and enjoy the wonderful restaurants and pubs there. January is always a miserable month, so a visit to somewhere pretty might be just the thing you need to cheer you up:

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