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My favourite public sector worker of the week: Lynn Wyeth

There’s something bureaucratic and management-speak about a job title such as “Head of Information Governance” which can make you fear that the worst sort of mix of cliches, banalities and PR warm words is about to be uttered.

But … full credit to Lynn Wyeth, holder of this post at Leicester City Council, for her comments to the media following the news that her council had received a freedom of information request about the council’s contingency plans for a zombie attack:

“We’ve had a few wacky ones before but this one did make us laugh … To you it might seem frivolous

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Labour councillor quits in Leicester a few days before elections

The Leicester Mercury reports:

A councillor has quit the Labour party and told the Mercury that the Leicester group is riven by splits and factions.

A few days ago, local Labour councillor Ramila Shah did something she had been longing to do for two years. She cancelled her Labour Party membership.

It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders, she says. Finally, she felt, no more sniping. No more splits. No more bitching and backbiting.

This is a story of politics in Leicester – of a Labour group with such a large ruling majority that, according to Coun Shah, it is riven by

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This is what happens if you don’t get paperwork sorted on time in an election…

The Leicester Mercury reports:

A guide to the city mayoral election has been published without information about one of the leading candidates.

Tory Ross Grant is missing from the Your Vote Matters booklet, which has been sent to all 229,777 voters in the city.

The 11 people hoping to be elected mayor were invited to pay £250 to submit an address with details about themselves, their policies and why people should vote for them.

Councillor Grant did not provide any information and has been excluded …

He declined to tell the Leicester Mercury why he failed to submit anything for the booklet but it is

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In other news… Son of mansion tax, Tory councillor switches to Lib Dems and more

Nick Clegg has been telling the Financial Times how he would like to see taxes introduced for the most expensive properties as part of any removal of the temporary 50p top rate of income tax. Son of Mansion Tax here we come…

Jonathan Calder reports on the latest goings on in the lively world of Leicester politics, including Conservative Councillor Nigel Porter resigning from his party and deciding to fight his ward for the Liberal Democrats in May’s elections.

The Yes to Fairer Votes campaign has published details of its donors and challenged the No campaign to show the

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Police investigate Tory councillor after comments broadcast on YouTube

The Leicester Mercury reports:

Police are investigating remarks made by a councillor at a meeting to discuss plans for a travellers’ site.

Robert Fraser, county councillor for Groby and Ratby, said Romanians would “stick a knife in you as soon as look at you”, and that some Europeans “make the Irish look like complete amateurs”.

Travellers’ spokesman, Alfred Kefford, said he was outraged by the Conservative councillor’s “racist” comments.

He heard them after footage of the meeting was posted on video website YouTube. He complained to the police.

Today, Coun Fraser, a former county council member for equality, apologised and said he

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