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Largest Lib Dem business organisations to merge

The two largest and most active business groups in the Liberal Democrat community have joined forces to create an even larger, louder voice for sensible, liberal-minded business people.

From yesterday, the two are operating as one network under a new name: The LibDem Business Network, or LDBN.

Welcoming the merger, Paul Lucraft, Chair of Lib Dems in Business, said:

The Lib Dems in Business and the Liberal Democrats Business & Entrepreneurs Network have always been naturally aligned. This merger represents a significant strategic development, bringing greater joint influence and scope for both networks. It opens up exciting possibilities for the unified membership and for its mission to link the Liberal Democrats even more closely with the business community.

Simon Curtis, Chair of the Liberal Democrats Business & Entrepreneurs Network, stated:

The creation of LDBN helps us further promote the interests of fair-minded business at this crucial time. So many businesspeople are facing unprecedented challenges due, in large part, to current government policy. It helps us hone our message and expand, and support the only real party of business now, The Liberal Democrats.

Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, also welcomed the merger with warm words of support:

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