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Bournemouth conference – for those who aren’t going

There’s still time to register for federal conference in Bournemouth – but if you really can’t go, you can still participate in some of the sessions. For the four Q&A sessions, featuring party spokespeople and outside commentators, questions are welcome from any party member:

Sunday 14th September, 14.50 – 15.35: Q&A session with Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Monday 15th September, 16.20 – 17.20: Q&A session on environmental policy, with a panel comprising Steve Webb MP (Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment), Chris Davies MEP (Environment spokesperson, European Parliament), Dorothy Thornhill (Mayor of Watford) and Jonathon Porritt (Chair, UK, …

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How the MPs are lining up (UPDATED)

By popular request, here’s the current list of which Lib Dem MPs have declared for which leadership candidate so far. (Originally compiled with the help of Jonathan Isaby of The Daily Telegraph.)

The list shows that Nick has attracted two MPs who supported Chris as leader in 2006: Greg Mulholland and Stephen Williams; and eight who supported Simon Hughes (all listed below). Chris has attracted one former Ming Campbell backer – Tom Brake – and three MPs who supported Simon Hughes last time.

Eight MPs have stated they will not declare for any candidate; four have yet – so far as I’m aware – to state their intentions.

As we continue to note, the number of MPs who declare for any one candidate is, in one sense, irrelevant: we are a one-member-one-vote party. Clearly, however, MPs’ endorsements will carry some influence with party members, especially among non-activists.

The full list appears below:

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Lorely Burt wins election contest

No, not that election contest: the one to decide who will chair the Parliamentary Party, a post from which Paul Holmes stood down on his appointment to the Lib Dem shadow cabinet. Hearty congratulations to Lorely; commiserations to the runners up, Andrew George and John Thurso.

Here’s the full party press release:

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What Lib Dem MPs will be reading this summer

We’re into July, yet summer seems to have decided to give the UK a miss this year (so far). No matter.

Packing books for the beach (or wherever) is as much a summer ritual as the Brits crashing out of Wimbledon, and helping out in the latest Parliamentary by-elections. So Lib Dem Voice asked a few of the party’s MPs which books they’d be taking with them on holiday this year. Here’s what they told us:

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Touchy-feely peers in Cameron’s friendly new Tory party fail to back gay rights

In last night’s vote on the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (Northern Ireland), 41 Tory Peers, including 10 front-bench spokespeople, voted against the key legislation. No Liberal Democrat Peers voted against the Act.

Lorely Burt has put out a press release in which she says:

“David Cameron calls himself a liberal conservative, but his colleagues in the House of Lords clearly are not.  The high number of senior Tories voting against these essential measures shows the true face of the so-called ‘modern’ Conservative party. The Conservatives remain a deeply reactionary element of British politics. When action was needed to protect the rights …

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Lib Dems: Ruth Kelly unfit to champion equalities

The Guardian reports that Lib Dem equalities spokesperson Lorely Burt has called on Ruth Kelly to resign.

Kelly, a member of the ultra-conservative Catholic group Opus Dei is the cabinet secretary responsible for defending, among other things, gay rights.

Lorely Burt said: “We had always feared Ruth Kelly’s personal beliefs would make her unsuitable to be a champion of gay rights. Unfortunately these fears have become reality and she should now stand down.”

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