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Lib Dems gain councillor; Tories lose Dover?

News reaches us that a Conservative councillor on Tory-run Dover District Council has defected to the Liberal Democrats.

We understand this would leave the Conservatives with a minority administration and the possibility of losing control entirely.

Update: The Dover Liberal Democrats site has the full story.

Cllr Paul Dawkins has resigned from the Conservatives and joined the Liberal Democrats. He said: “We need to restore political balance to the Council to make it more responsive to local needs. The Lib Dems will give me the opportunity of working with a committed team, something that I that I have not had previously.”

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  • User AvatarMalc Poll 22nd Feb - 3:50pm
    EXCELLENT and well timed posting . I am writing such article atm ... But it wont be pretty , possibly brutal, but HONEST ! Thanks...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 22nd Feb - 3:07pm
    I notice (not reported here) that two seats were lost on Ely Council yesterday, when two Lib Dem Councillors (one long standing, one elected last...
  • User AvatarMalc Poll 22nd Feb - 12:41pm
    Do you mean me tim ? If so name me so I can respond. Malc Poll
  • User AvatarPeter Chambers 22nd Feb - 12:16pm
    Good to see this business-like work. * long term spending based on long term income * fairness to staff - foundational * members and supporters...
  • User AvatarTim Hill 22nd Feb - 11:52am
    Despite some rather silly comments by others, bearing in mind the political history of the Ward, this is a good result for us. Not brilliant,...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 22nd Feb - 11:39am
    "This is because articles on eugenics do attract some fairly unpleasant people....." OK but this isn't really an article on eugenics. It would have been...