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Mark Pack’s Monthly Report – Turning our policies into practical action

Getting council housing built

Congratulations to the Liberal Democrat team on Kingston Council who have just celebrated the completion of the first set of council flats for over 30 years in the area.

It’s another sign of how Liberal Democrat councils can both build high quality homes in the right places, and win elections – by turning our policies into practical actions to improve people’s lives.


I know we have all been moved by the horrific news from the Middle East in the last few weeks. The bedrock of the Liberal Democrat approach is support for international law and for a …

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    Might a significant part of the lack of affordable housing lie with an extractive banking system and a lack of competition for the private sector? Might a no...
  • David
    What Katharine Pindar said!...
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    Affordable housing is 80% of actual market value of a house. Social RENT is 30% 0f house market value. We need MORE social RENT homes that are interspersed wi...
  • Katharine Pindar
    Thanks for asking, Callum. I believe we should champion strongly reducing poverty, getting the next government to commit to our policies which would first ensur...
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    I would like to see an examination within the party on how we can create an organisation which is a participative democracy. In the age of interactive communica...