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So. Farewell then, David Miliband

So.david miliband
Farewell then
David Miliband.

You did not
Win the
Labour leadership.

Though you got more votes
Than Brother Ed

The trade unions
Did not
like you.

They liked
him instead.

That was
your tragedy.
And it will be

EJ Thribb

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Guardian: Labour’s involvement in illegal abduction and torture of British citizens

Today’s Guardian reports the involvement of senior Labour figures, including Tony Blair and Jack Straw, in the illegal abduction and torture of British citizens by the secret services:

The true extent of the Labour government’s involvement in the illegal abduction and torture of its own citizens after the al-Qaida attacks of September 2001 has been spelled out in stark detail with the disclosure during high court proceedings of a mass of highly classified documents.

Previously secret papers that have been disclosed include a number implicating Tony Blair’s office in many of the events that are to be the subject of the

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Inquiry into allegations of complicity with torture

British spies accused of secretly colluding with the CIA and foreign governments in a plot that sees people tortured in foreign countries. Not only does it sound like the storyline of many a political thriller, take that story and place it in almost any post-war decade and you’d expect it to be a Conservative government doing the colluding and Labour MPs decrying the international conspiracy, with a campaigning left-wing journalist thrown in for good measure publishing scoops and demanding an independent judicial inquiry.

Except, of course, in the topsy turvey political days that we live it was a Labour government that …

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Makes you proud to be British, part 94

Perhaps it’s a good thing the Daily Mail thinks I’m a foreigner, because if I was British I’d have to be rather ashamed of my country today:

Baby’s DNA was held on database … Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said it was “ludicrous” to have stored the DNA profile. He said: “It is illegal, immoral and ineffective to keep the DNA of a baby on a national police database as if they had committed some felony.” (BBC)


Britain has been accused of taking part in US “renditions” of terror suspects in a United Nations report. UN Special Rapporteur

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More claims that Britian colluded with torture

The Independent on Sunday reports:

Britain faces fresh accusations that it colluded in the rendering and alleged torture of a second UK resident now being held at Guantanamo Bay. The new claims bring further pressure on ministers to come clean about the scale of the Government’s complicity in the rendition and torture of dozens of terror suspects captured by the Americans after 9/11.

His case comes after that of Binyam Mohamed, 30, released from the US naval base in Cuba last week, and whose claims of UK involvement in his torture are being investigated by the Attorney General. Now allegations made by Shaker Aamer, the final British resident held at Guantanamo Bay, raise concerns that both MI5 and MI6 were widely involved in the US rendition and torture programme operated in Afghanistan and Pakistan after 9/11.

Perhaps the most damning part of the article is the list of quotes from official sources, tracing how the official line has changed over rendition (that’s kidnapping to you and me) and torture:

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NEW POLL: is presumed consent the right way to boost organ donations?

The figures are stark. Here’s The Guardian:

An estimated 8,000 people in the UK need an organ transplant but only 3,000 operations are carried out each year. About 1,000 people in the UK die every year while waiting for a transplant.

The question is more difficult: should we move away from the current organ donor opt-in system towards a system of ‘presumed consent’, which would mean that unless people opted out of the register or family members objected, hospitals would be allowed to use their organs for transplants.

Lib Dem MP Dr Evan Harris, chair of All-Party Kidney Group and member of …

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The Labour councillor who sticks up for Guantanamo and extraordinary rendition

Never let it be said that leading Labour Hackney councillor and ultra party loyalist Luke Akehurst is unafraid to stick up for even the most unpopular of causes. Leaving aside his support for the current government, Cllr Akehurst has declared on his blog:

I am in favour of extraordinary rendition and Guantanamo Bay

Although, to be fair, we should point out that Luke does at least clarify that even he believes the US can sometimes go a little far, noting parenthetically –

(but not torture in Abu Graib)

It’s good to know even Cllr Akehurst can’t ignore all abuses of …

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