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We have to stop the far right in Stoke-on-Trent Central

One of the things I most enjoy about elections are the old war stories – the poster board wars of Kincardine and Deeside, the Brecon and Radnor story about out candidate not being from these parts, the mattresses, fridges and dumped litter of Brent East.  Then there are the by-election which are so small and were so poorly attended by activists that they are worn as badge of real veteran status – Ogmore, Hemsworth I and Hemsworth II, Wirral South – campaigns where the focus was on flying the liberal flag in territory or times that were unfavourable.

What is less spoken of are the by-election deep-scars. Where we could have done better, could have won, should have won.  With four or five more people could Sleaford and North Hykeham have been a second place rather than third, with more people could Leeds Central have been a Lib Dem gain and thwarted Hillary Benn, and what if what if what if in West Derbyshire or Newcastle Under Lyme or Birmingham Hodge Hill.

Those latter by-elections are a category all of their own and the effect and impact lasts long and the stories are told in more hushed tones.

My challenge and question to you is simple.  Will you make Stoke-on-Trent a glorious boast or a whispered story with deep scars?

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