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LibLink: Tim Farron: Emmanuel Macron’s victory shows why Britain needs a liberal opposition

Tim Farron has been writing in the Mirror about the example Macron’s victory in France sets for Britain. He doesn’t pretend that it means that the Lib Dems will bound to victory:

So, I won’t try to claim that the success of Macron in France last night means that the Liberal Democrats will win a majority next month.

What is does mean is that there is a place for outward-looking, forward-thing politics.

It means that the far-right can and should be fought and held to account.

It means that we don’t have to settle for the status quo.

In France, Macron has broken through the twentieth century left/right divide of socialism and conservatism to make a clear case for a new liberalism.

The British people can do what our neighbours across the Channel have done and reject the same tired choice between the UKIP-pandering Conservatives and an out-dated Labour party who are still fighting the battles of the 1950s.

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LibLink: Tim Farron Why we must stop the Tories hitting the most vulnerable

Tim Farron has shown great self discipline. In an article for the Mirror about this week’s tax credits showdown in the Lords, he turns his fire, rightly, on the Tories. He only slips in one sly dig at Labour:

Sadly Labour wouldn’t support our move to scrap the cuts altogether, but we joined with them to force a delay.

It isn’t ideal, but it is a chance to tell the government it should improve its plans.

If Labour wouldn’t support the move when they are led by a proper leftie, you wonder if they ever would.

Tim looks at why these tax credit cuts are so bad:

These cuts to tax credits hit people exclusively on low pay .

People who are doing the right thing- who are working- but in low paid work.

People who find themselves having to plan their spending carefully- who get to the end of the month and are having to watch where every penny goes.

These are simply the wrong people for the Conservatives to be taking money from.

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Norman Lamb and his family deserve our support

There was always going to be a lot of warmth in the room when Norman Lamb appears on stage to give his speech to Liberal Democrat conference this morning His actions in government to transform mental health and care services touch every single one of us. If we don’t need these services ourselves, someone we know does and he has made life easier for so many people.

A story in the Mirror today lays bare some of the details of the personal pain that lies behind his determination to build a mental health system that makes sense and works for people. We in the LDV team are struggling to see the public interest in publishing such a story about a very private matter about the health of Norman’s son, Archie. We particularly question the rather lurid headline and the inference that Norman was in any way worried about his own career. His own words are pretty clear to me that it’s Archie’s career that they were worried about. Norman has spoken to the Mirror and it’s his words we quote here:

He says: “I have talked openly and publicly that our family has been touched by mental ill health but I haven’t, because I have to protect his interests, said anything about Archie’s situation.”

He was diagnosed at the age of 15 with obsessive compulsive disorder and has been on medication ever since.

“He’s carried a heavy burden with his ill health. He wants to be open about his mental health as this is the source of the problem. We have had a very traumatic 10 years in many ways.

“He’s had amazing success in the music business and he’s also had very dark periods and that led to him drinking too much and, as we understand it, getting into bad company and drugs.”

But Mr Lamb insists Archie – who discovered Tinchy Stryder as a young music producer – is now clean.

“We are immensely proud he has escaped from that. He’s rebuilt his career and is doing very well – this is what is so tragic about this blackmail.”

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Nick Clegg top British politician in Mumsnet poll

Nick Clegg is the leading British politician on a Mumsnet poll. Sadly, it’s not for voting intention. The Mirror has the story:

Over at Mumsnet, one user started a thread asking “Am I being unreasonable to ask which politician would make the best lover?” There were over 400 replies and we added up the mentions of each name for you. The results are in…

American President Barack Obama beat all local politicians to come out top with 22 votes.

Nick “Clegg-over” Clegg makes a close second, showing he’s kept his sex appeal since 2010 despite the battering his political reputation has taken.

Perennial sex favourite Gordon Brown (he’s Scottish, the accent is kind of sexy) is third.

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LibLink: Paddy Ashdown: Afghanistan war is textbook for how to lose this kind of conflict

rally paddy 01Paddy has been writing in the Mirror about the Afghanistan war? Was it all worth it and could we, should we, have done things differently? What can we learn for the future?

First of all, Paddy writes, we did some good:

So has it all been for nothing?

No. There are children – and especially girls – going to school in Afghanistan who wouldn’t be there if British troops had not risked their lives to give them the chance. Democracy, though frail, has taken root.

There is growing prosperity in some areas, markets in previous ghost towns, new roads that never existed and, perhaps most important of all, a knowledge of how things can be better, planted in people’s minds.

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A bad day for the Conservatives, Brooks Newmark and journalistic ethics

Well, that’s not a good start to their Conference for the Conservatives. Their MP for Rochester and  Strood Mark Reckless lived up to his name and defected to UKIP, leaving the Tories another £100,000 out of pocket as they defend the second by-election to arise in these circumstances.

Then their Civil Society Minister Brooks Newmark resigned when it emerged that he’d sent a fairly lewd photo to a male Mirror journalist who had been posing as a female activist. When I first saw the details, I tweeted that I wondered what went on in the heads of these public figures  who think that they can send photos like that over social media and not have them exposed. I mean, they might as well cut out the middleman and send them straight to the editor of every tabloid. I did also say that it wasn’t right that the picture had been publicised and that I did feel sorry for Newmark.

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LibLink: Danny Alexander: We want a fair housing benefit system for every tenant

speech danny alexander 6People wonder why Liberal Democrats supported the Bedroom Tax in the first place. Well, I spent 4 yesrs sitting beside a Liberal Democrat MP when maybe 5 families a week would  come to us and say that they were stuck in a house that was way too small. Their kids had nowhere to study or play. That was what was foremost in their minds when they agreed the Bedroom Tax. They wanted to make it easier for those families. That was their motivation even though I think the …

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#NickvNigel LibLink Special: Nick Clegg: Let’s keep Britain prosperous, safe and IN

Well, today’s the day. The first Nick v Nigel debate takes place on LBC tonight. I’ve already been on the station this morning batting for Team Nick against a UKIP MEP who suggested that Nick using facts might be a problem and that Nick had agreed to the debate. Everyone knows it was Nick who actually issued the challenge.

Nick has been writing for the Mirror on the reasons why he believes Britain needs to stay in the EU.

He knows it’s not perfect but who’s going to invest here if we are not part of that much larger market:

Europe isn’t

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How can we do politics better?

There’s been a spate of articles and comments by Liberal Democrat politicians which, at a guess, isn’t co-ordinated, but they all address the same themes – the problems with the way that we do politics and lack of trust in politicians and institutions.

Paddy Ashdown told the Times (£), reported also for free in the Guardian that public faith in British institutions was “crumbling into dust” with some very harsh words for the BBC and NHS:

The BBC is revealed as an organisation which can’t manage its own affairs, misspends public money and seems to have been complicit in aggrandising

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LibLink: Nick Clegg: Kick the crooks out and drag the Lords into the 21st century

Nick Clegg has written about the need to reform the House of Lords in today’s Mirror in response to the latest mini-scandal concerning Lord Hanningfield. When I read the first sentence, my blood pressure hit the roof:

What’s worse than a greedy Lord clocking in to work for just a few minutes a day to pocket hundreds of pounds from the taxpayer?

What’s worse is when the same peer – caught red handed as a result of the Mirror’s excellent investigative efforts – shrugs their shoulders and tells you: everybody’s doing it.

But there are lots of good ones who work really hard, …

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