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Forty words

Earlier this year the Social Liberal Forum Council discussed what should be its priorities. Along with the nature of work, welfare and how citizens participate in their communities there was a hunger for a vision, an underlying narrative, something that goes beyond individual, evidence-based policies about specific issues, something you might call liberal ideology. It is pretty clear that many people in the country don’t know what Liberal Democrats stand for. We hear on the doorsteps, “We like you but we’re not sure what you’re about”.

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One word to sum up the Liberal Democrats

The Telegraph asked members at our recent Liverpool conference to sum up the Liberal Democrats in one word. Here is the video they made which features, among others, Paddy Ashdown, the LDDA’s Gemma Roulston, Scarborough PPC Mike Beckett, Hinckley and Bosworth PPC Michael Mullaney and Ealing’s Joanna Dugdale. What would your word be? Mine would be radical to reflect that we are anti-establishment reformers at heart.

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    Sad to see Michael Meadowcroft still fighting the tribal battles of the 1980s pre merger . We have all moved on . indeed the public demands we move on ,There i...
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    LDV team note: Apologies for the non-working link, which has now been corrected....
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    @Brad Burrows Totally agree that PR is a ninnwgitiable condition of a future coalition with the Tories. But why not also with Lbaour? They are just as un...
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    Thanks Michael - I will read them later....
  • John Marriott
    @Michael Meadowcroft My wife has said for some time that we are entering what she calls a ‘post political era’ and I tend to agree. It used to be so simple...