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The Gender Agenda #1 Why have women only training? What’s so special about women?

Womens shortlistsOn May 7th, I wrote my first article for Liberal Democrat Voice.

It wasn’t exactly ground-breaking. It was promo for an internal SAO, written in a hurry by a first-time candidate (me), a couple of weeks out from one of the toughest elections we’ve ever seen. It was less than five hundred words of innocuous fluff.

You would never have guessed it from the reaction.

Within a few hours, it had over seventy comments, and it hovered on the Most Read list for days. Why? Because it was about Liberal Democrat Women, …

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    1. The fiscal crisis and welfare benefits in the UK: big cuts and ...www.ifs.org.uk › conferences › brewerboun PDF Welfare benefits and tax credits to...
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    Joseph, yes, Germany has invested heavily in renewable energy because the Greens have considerable political influence. This has resulted in increasing energy costs and Germany...