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The Gender Agenda #1 Why have women only training? What’s so special about women?

Womens shortlistsOn May 7th, I wrote my first article for Liberal Democrat Voice.

It wasn’t exactly ground-breaking. It was promo for an internal SAO, written in a hurry by a first-time candidate (me), a couple of weeks out from one of the toughest elections we’ve ever seen. It was less than five hundred words of innocuous fluff.

You would never have guessed it from the reaction.

Within a few hours, it had over seventy comments, and it hovered on the Most Read list for days. Why? Because it was about Liberal Democrat Women, …

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  • User AvatarNina Soko 22nd Aug - 1:53am
    I agree with Norman Lamb, Rob Cannon and several others with more knowledge and experience of the NHS. I know that at best it is...
  • User AvatarJoseph Bourke 22nd Aug - 1:30am
    David, I think it is quite difficult to represent oneself as a national mainstream party with roots going back to the 19th century, if not...
  • User AvatarRob Cannon 22nd Aug - 12:50am
    This story illustrates how the NHS doesn't work well and fails particularly badly at diagnosis. This is something that those of us in the UK...
  • User AvatarMike Stamp 22nd Aug - 12:13am
    This kind of commentary and world view depresses me. Politics is beset by people desperately trying to prove what they aren't (we need to show...
  • User AvatarPatrick 22nd Aug - 12:02am
    @Rob Cannon "The large majority of other EU member states have ID cards." Having lived in a few EU countries, I would like to point...
  • User AvatarMichael BG 22nd Aug - 12:02am
    Martin, If you read again what I wrote, I hope you will see that its main focus was on how policy Working Groups are selected...
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