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Ask Simon Hughes a question: the sequel

Not surprisingly, the sequel to Ask Simon Hughes a question is … Simon Hughes answering the selected questions. His video answers are now up on Yoosk for you to watch. (Click on “Your Questions Answered” under the scorecard.)

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Ask Simon Hughes a question

Simon Hughes, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, is taking part in a video question and answer session being run by Yoosk. You can add to the list of questions and vote on which ones you think he should answer using their widget:

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Election 2.0: How did the internet shape the general election?

The Yoosk website recently put together a panel of bloggers to answer questions about the impact of the internet, and social media in particular, on British politics. Alongside Iain Dale, Alex Smith and James Evans I answered a range of questions:

Was the UK 2010 general election an internet election?

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The Independent View: Put your questions to Mark Pack on the internet election

The 2010 general election will live long in the memory for a variety of reasons – the end of New Labour, a surprising Con-Lib coalition, the first TV debates – but one crucial aspect of the campaign that had politicians and commentators chattering with excitement was the entrance of a new political player – the internet.

Social networking and Web 2.0 opened the floor of the political debate to everyone, from satirical photoshoppers to cynical bloggers and, of course, let us not forget Twitter gossip worth its weight in retweets.

Whilst the political parties did their best to tackle new media during …

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Britain’s best MP competition: the results

Our ‘Britain’s Best MP’ competition has come to a close with Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP for Harwich, a clear winner. The final results are:

Douglas Carswell 47%
Gisela Stuart 16%
Tom Harris 12%
Lynne Featherstone 9%
Bob Russell 6%
Jo Swinson 6%
David Howarth 2%
Chris Mullin 2%

I appreciate that the results do not make happy reading for visitors to this site and the results of online polls cannot be taken too seriously, but please don’t dismiss this competition just yet.

Whilst acknowledging that our hope of getting people to listen to the MPs answers and then vote for their ‘best MP’ based on what they heard probably …

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Voting started in Britain’s best MP campaign

You may remember that back at the beginning of December we launched our ‘Best MP’ campaign to highlight the fact that not all MPs should be tarred with the same brush as the ‘expenses cheats.’

We asked users of our website – Yoosk –  to send in their nominations for Best MP and to send us the questions they would like to put to the nominees. All eight nominated MPs agreed to answer and you can compare what they said on our website now and cast your vote in our Poll, which will be ‘live’ until the 31st December.

Here is a sample of how we edited the answers together to make them easier to compare.  This question came from ‘artichelper’ and received most votes from our users:

‘What do you believe is the best change in policy that you, yourself played a significant role in making that change happen?’ And you can view a compilation of the answers below.

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‘Best MP’ competition: don’t forget to ask a question

A few days ago The Voice covered Yoosk’s competition to find Britain’s Best MP.

The shortlisted MPs are all going to be asked to answer a set of questions taken from suggestions made by the public. As our post from Yoosk’s Keith Halstead explained:

If you would like to post your own question, please visit our site here, and click the ‘ask’ button in the panel at the bottom of the page (you will be asked to register with Yoosk which is easy, but will require an email address, username and password). Alternatively, you can add your question as a comment

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What makes a ‘good’ MP?

Well, there has been plenty in the news recently about what makes a ‘bad’ MP so we at Yoosk thought that it might be a good idea to focus for a while on the qualities of a ‘good’ MP. End the year on a positive note.

And that is why we started our ‘Britain’s Best MP’ campaign two weeks ago. We want to find out who the good MPs are and what differentiates them from the rest. We asked our users at Yoosk to nominate their candidates and these are the people they put forward:

Gisela Stuart (Lab)
Lynne …

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