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Young Liberal Entrepreneurs Network to bring together young entrepreneurs with business people

Young Liberal Entrepreneurs networkLiberal Youth will launch the first in a series of Young Liberal Entrepreneurs Network events this Monday. “Be Your Own Boss” brings together the next generation of business tycoons with established Lib Dem entrepreneurs.  The event will explore techniques young entrepreneurs can use to found a successful start-up.

“Be Your Own Boss” will take place at University College London with speakers including founder of Think publishing, Tilly McAuliffe, managing director of Tancroft Communications Ltd., John Duggan and co-founder of Charlie HR, Ben Gately.

The event follows the release of the government’s Autumn Statement detailing an expected rise in unemployment which is likely to hit young people the hardest. Brexit represents a massive threat to businesses and jobs. For young people brimming with innovative ideas but disillusioned by a stagnating job market, the Lib Dems remain a beacon of hope.

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    Mack 12th Nov '19 - 11:08am: By promising to revoke the vote for independence made in 2016, and, as yet, still not implemented, the Liberal...
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    "Brexit has already cost us at least £55 billion in lost growth" We haven't actually left yet, so why the past tense? Growth has been...
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    By promising to revoke the vote for independence made in 2016, and, as yet, still not implemented, the Liberal Democrats have potentially lost the votes...