WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s forensic deconstruction of US campaign finance laws

In case you missed it, the youngest member of the US House of Representatives showed why she managed to unseat a senior Congressman in the Democratic primary last year.

We think campaign finance in this country is unfair. It is. And neither Conservatives nor Labour are that bothered in changing a system that suits them and keeps others out.

In the US, it’s a whole other layer of awful.

This week Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave us all a lesson in how to take apart a system that gives massive power to large institutions and their interests. Enjoy.

 In this country, Liberal Democrat peer  Paul Tyler  never misses an opportunity to try to make our democracy fairer.

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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  • David Becket 10th Feb '19 - 11:46am

    She is new, a fresh face.
    She is young.
    She is not middle class, middle aged white male.

  • Bill le Breton 10th Feb '19 - 12:34pm

    She is very very bright. She employs very very very bright people.

  • She may be all of those things, but she might also be Trump’s passport to another four years.

  • David Warren 10th Feb '19 - 1:17pm

    This young women is a breath of fresh air.

    A product of the US primary system for selecting candidates for public office, if only we had something similar here.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 10th Feb '19 - 1:33pm

    She is staunch, eloquent, lively, awake.

    She is also inexperienced and has sometimes, a knee jerk reaction, statements off the cuff about Israel, business, Corbyn phone call, response to said phone call, and backtrack, which shows that a public figure should emerge with , to allude to her democratic socialism, Fabian gradualism!

    The primary system is excellent, no different though, from ours if we in any way want change we could have it, beginning with not only having an mp as a possible leader, not something having much support on here, from comments thread.

  • She may be saying things on this subject which appeal, but keep in mind she is a committed socialist. Socialists are adept at saying things that may have mass appeal (populism?), but this often conceals their deeper and longer term objectives

  • Malcolm Todd 10th Feb '19 - 2:03pm

    David Warren 10th Feb ’19 – 1:17pm
    “A product of the US primary system for selecting candidates for public office”

    Yeah, but so is Donald Trump, for pity’s sake!

  • She is a hard left Marxist. Who are at work busy replacing Liberal members of the Democrat Party in the USA. The Democrats are losing the tradition of FDR Liberalism and being replaced by Venezuelan socialism economics. This Congresswoman is the poster girl for this replacement.
    It staggers me LDV and others laud this person. This is the kind of muddled thinking which typifies the Lib Dems at present. Small wonder the Lib Dems are in single digits in the polls.

  • David Becket 10th Feb '19 - 2:56pm

    I was not praising her politics. I was impressed by her approach, her grasp of the subject and her way of presenting her case. That does not mean to say I would vote for her, but I wish we could see that approach in our parliament, whichever side it came from.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 10th Feb '19 - 3:05pm

    Let us read the comment from Libdemder, without blinkers.

    I am married to a wife of American origin, personally, culturally, politically, my second love, after this country, is for there, warts and they are many, and all.

    The US Democratic party is painted by those on the uk left, including left on this party, as, traditionally, a conservative or at its most radical, centre party.

    That is not true. It is , as Libdemer says, one with a rich modern liberalism, from centre left FDR to centre ground JFK, and various terrific examples, from RFK to Carter, Obama, the Clintons, and, someone I am in touch with and interact with online, the wonderful nearly candidate and best president they never had, former Senator Gary Hart.

    The liberalism , is social , based on the classical of Jefferson, as with ours, on Locke.

    It is state oriented only when essential otherwise, it is a true and consistent, civil liberties based party.

    It has three modern wings.

    A moderate wing. This is as right wing as it gets, not right wing in effect. The conservative wing dried up a generation back, Southern in region, it is gone.

    This moderate wing is in the centre ground and is where the Clinton government governed, the Obama one in the main also.

    The progressive wing. It is centre left. Elizabeth Warren is a frontrunner now, though was often years ago a Republican voter, as an economics professor, is a realist, but for a reorientation, of capitalism, as was FDR.

    The left wing. It was always there but was not loyal to the party, voters moving to the Greens, left of ours in the US, and or as independent socialists like Senator Sanders, though a democratic socialist, is only a little left of the progressives.

    The left wing is both exciting and worrying, it has already galvanised voters but is alienating voters , very many the party needs.

    It would be a disaster if, as with our party , just as moderates from the centre in the Republicans, like our moderate Tories, join the Democrats, and many have, that party moved left.

    Trump is very non party in his appeal to those against the traditions and norms.

    The Democrats need what Gary Hart offered in the eighties. Modern, radical and moderate, progressive ideas.

    Cortez is not the answer to the big issues.

  • Ed Shepherd 10th Feb '19 - 3:31pm

    The main policies she advocates seem to be free healthcare and free education. Sounds like good policies. No wonder she has gained so many votes. Many years ago we had free healthcare and free education in Britain. Not sure why anyone would oppose them.

  • John Marriott 10th Feb '19 - 7:04pm

    Absolutely brilliant. It reminds me of when George Galloway socked it to Congress. Pity she’s too young to run for President.

  • David Warren 10th Feb '19 - 9:36pm


    That’s true but there is no such thing as a perfect system for candidate selection.

  • She clearly demonstrates forensically effective advocacy and cross-examination skills. As regards her particular brand of politics, I suspect that it’s an exaggeration to describe her as “a hard left Marxist” (see LibDemer above) – but I note (from her Wikipedia entry) that she does self identify as a “democratic socialist”, rather than as a “liberal” or “progressive”, or even a “social democrat”, within the internal politics of the US Democratic Party … so she’s probably more of a natural ideological ally of Corbyn’s Labour than the Lib Dems.

  • Joseph Bourke 10th Feb '19 - 10:55pm

    Lorenzo, good profile of the US Democratic party.

    I was living in Denver from 1987-1988 when Gary Hart made his run for the democratic presidential nomination. A vey able senator who campaigned on his ideas for strategic investment economics, military reform and a change of direction in US foreign policy.

    It will be interesting to see how Elizabeth Warren fares now she has anounced her candidacy. She is among the best qualified of the democrats to throw their hat in the ring to date and has focused on consumer protection, economic opportunity, and the social safety net while in the Senate.

    If she were succeed in 2020 not only would America get their first female president but also their first president with some native Amercan heritage.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 11th Feb '19 - 12:50am


    Thanks, yes, Gary Hart, is as decent and good a man as he was and is, as a professional, really interested at eighty two, in people and progressive change as well as tradition, of government, of honour in public service and diplomatic field.

    Senator Warren is my preferred candidate , if Michael Bennet or Joe Kennedy are in the field, there would be three, but she is the best now, intelligent, caring, realistic, warm hearted. And knows economics!

    As Ed and Sean deiscuss, the jury is out on Cortez, she is left, but no Marxist, to the right of Corbyn, but needs to be careful with her company, there are many in Congress to ally with, some in politics in the country, to avoid. She has, unlike a few too many, not kept or had truck with the wretched Farrakhan, to her credit, but other far and extreme types are to be kept away from too, as with Senator Sanders, you can be left but not too much, and succeed, he is in the tradition of good democratic socialists like the great Eugene Debs, but in views, nearer our social democrats of Europe.

  • Ed Shepherd 11th Feb '19 - 6:28am

    If you want to get elected president of the USA then the people to avoid associating with are Goldman Sachs, as Hilary Clinton found out. Alexandria is far more of a liberal than Hillary who supported neo-con war and American global dominance instead of international law. First US President with Native American heritage might have been Ronald Reagan.

  • John Marriott 11th Feb '19 - 8:06am

    Her ‘politics’ are of no interest to me. She does, however, hit the nail on the head in her description of how money talks in US politics. In my case, all it says is “Goodbye”!

  • All I know about Alexandria is what I see on the internet. I noted that she describes herself as a democratic socialist. I noticed that among her extreme policies are that health provision should be free at the point of delivery. She wants free education. To me, as someone brought up in the years during and after the war, these are ideas shared by most people in this country. The polls by the way show they still are. The polls in the US show the same by the way.
    One thing is clear. The establishment in the US are frightened of her. One thing that our two countries share is that money can buy elections.
    Would it not be great if they showed the lead in introducing governing according to the will of the people?

  • Malcolm Todd 11th Feb '19 - 10:29am

    David Warren 10th Feb ’19 – 9:36pm

    That’s kinda my point.

  • Richard Heckler 17th Apr '19 - 12:26pm

    We just gotta love that AOC – she is so good.

  • Richard Underhill 23rd Sep '19 - 7:55pm

    Senator Elizabeth Warren tops the opinion poll in Ohio and equals Biden in ability to beat Donald Trump for President.
    My favourite
    Source BBC tv Beyond 100 Days.

  • Richard Underhill. 14th Oct '19 - 7:25pm

    Senator Elizabeth Warren can win the US Presidency in 2020. Sunday Times 13/10/19,
    Main News section Page 25, columns 2-4. Niall Ferguson, Hoover Institution, Stanford.
    “The senator’s fundraising is also on fire and she has pledged to run without corporate money”

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