What Lib Dem members will be doing to celebrate the Royal Wedding. (Mostly delivering leaflets, it seems.)

Lib Dem Voice has polled our members-only forum to discover what Lib Dem members think of various political issues, the Coalition, and the performance of key party figures. Over 530 party members have responded, and we’re currently publishing the full results.

Bank Holiday? If you’re a Lib Dem it’s just another Leaflet Delivery Day…

With Royal Wedding obsession reaching fever-picth in some parts of the media, LDV asked: Which, if any, of the following are you planning to do for the Royal Wedding later this month?

    5% – Attend a street party
    1% – Watch the wedding procession in London
    25% – Watch the wedding on television
    57% – Try my best to ignore it
    12% – Don’t know / No opinion

In total, then, 31% of Lib Dem members in our survey are planning to take part in Wills ‘n’ Kate’s special day, whether through participating in an event, or by watching the day’s events unfold in real-time or via the telly. However, a majority of you are entirely disinterested, with 57% saying you will do your best to ignore it. (Good luck with that.)

Here is a selection of your comments about what you’ll be doing:

I do have some leaflets to deliver…

I am not too bothered, but I am pro the Royal Family and my daughter (age 9) is excited about it, so I will encourage that.

I plan to organise a “Republicans for YES” leafleting effort on the royal wedding day

Completely ignore it and campaign for the local elections!

Not desparately pro or anti. I wish them well but wont spend much time on it.

Will deliver leaflets!

Play Portal 2.

I shall be writing election leaflets. Nothing against royal family, just no interest in strangers’ weddings.

I will be dragged to a celebration – if I didn’t have a family I would be organising a Republican event.

Working for the election! And so should everyone else!

Thank God for something that gives us hope of a little continuity in our national life.

Is there a Royal Wedding. Blimey, they kept that quiet. They probably didn’t want anyone distracted from the realities of the recession.

I will be watching West Wing or Lord of the Rings

I will be out leafleting before the wedding in the morning.

Delivering leaflets for the local elections and AV referendum ALL DAY.

I am a royalist and think Britain is extremely fortunate to have an enduring constitutional monarchy. Better than a possibly political and corrupt president

If it wasn’t election season I’d make sure I was out of the country

I’ll be at work. Not all of us are pampered office types you know.

Do what I normally do, get on with my life and let the people who want to enjoy it do so.

Join the Twittersphere in poking fun at the daft anachronism of monarchy 😉

I’ll be too busy delivering leaflets for the local elections and the AV referendum to even notice the bloody Royal Wedding!

In the pub in Taipei. Because it’s a good excuse to get pissed with a group of English people in a mock display of patriotism.

Surely the missing answer is ‘Deliver election material’…

I’ll watch on telly because it’s the least I can do for this nice but dull couple who have been so kind to give me a holiday.

We’ll see. The bug may catch me but it’s more likely I will be leafleting…

To be honest, you need a “ignore it and have a day off” box – two rich people are getting married, so what?

I will attend as many street parties as possible with my Yes to Fairer Votes leaflets.

I will not ignore it but I will seek it out. If I see people getting married when I walk past a church, I will have a look. This will engage my attention similarly

Use the bank holiday to deliver local election leaflets

I want to see the pretty dresses!

I’ll be busy campaigning in the local elections and referendum!!

Republic now!

Hope the Lib Dems don’t go down an Anti-Royal Family path. Can’t stand the idea of a President since he/she would be political, therefore divisive; want the Royals to continue under Charles but VERY MUCH slimmed down.

Perfect opportunity to deliver 3500 Local Election leaflets

Although republican, I like a bit of pomp and circumstance so may well watch it anyway! We’ll see…

Too busy fighting to win our seat in the Scottish Elections to take any interest.

Dear lord, is there nowhere we can be free of this thing?

Actively campaign for a democratically elected Head of State. Republic.org

Deliver leaflets

Organise the mass looting of the royal palaces in order to sell all their centuries of plunder to pay down the deficit. Just a thought…

I will be fighting an election campaign and I hope a lot of other people will be saying the same thing!

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    • Liberal Democrats are sad bastards who never do anything except deliver leaflets shocker.

      In other news, the Pope is a Catholic!

      (note: since I too will be delivering leaflets, I’m allowed to mock!)

    • Kirsten de Keyser 28th Apr '11 - 5:07pm

      Ignoring the wedding but I’m NOT delivering leaflets!

    • Kirsten de Keyser 28th Apr '11 - 5:08pm

      Might do a bit of phone canvassing in the evening though

    • I’ll say this again because I am so angry about it: Cameron’s decision to give people yet another day off (a cynical political ploy a few days before important elections) is costing me £385 in wages, not to mention lost production at the only time of year I know we are going to make a profit. And the Tories claim to be the party of small business. Nothing against the people getting married, but why couldn’t they do it on a Saturday like most people?

    • And while we are (sort of) talking about the future of the royal family, there are two sorts of President: the executive (as in the USA or France); and the non-executive, as in most of the rest of Europe (Ireland, Germany, Italy etc). No one would suggest that Britain should go down the road of an executive president, so all the stuff about President Blair, President Thatcher, etc. is just cobblers. A mature democracy needs an elected head of state: I’d be quite happy to consider voting for Charles Windsor as President.

    • Portal 2 is awesome!

      Wait, wedding?

    • I’ll be watching a dvd – Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. Then if the weather’s nice I’ll go for a picnic.

    • Martin Land 29th Apr '11 - 8:15am

      Perhaps while all the Royalists are indoors, someone should declare the Second English Republic?

    • Amazing the efforts of the media to raise interest in this basically uninteresting event. The BBC confidently predicting that 2 billion people around the world will be watching, either there are a lot of sad people or the BBC is lying, which do you prefer.

    • 2 billion people is approx. 30% of the entire world glued to their televisions for the “I do”s. I genuinely doubt that much more than 30% of the UK will be watching, certainly not more than 50%.

      28.4 million people watched the Charles and Diana wedding. This was beaten by an episode of Eastenders (where Den divorces Angie, apparantly, whoever they are) five years later which got 30.1 million people watching it.

      Of course, however many people in the UK watch the royal wedding will have to be adjusted for the number of students watching to play the Royal Wedding Drinking Game.

    • Delivering leaflets? Come on, think for just one minute about the guys on the other end, who won’t be receptive to your message today. Leave those leaflets till later, when the public might just possibly read them.

      And if you are so emotionally unaware, why are you doing politics? For heaven’s sake, I’m a sad introvert grandad, but I didn’t miss that one.

      Independent candidate (after 30 years a Lib Dem)

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