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Seizing the centre: the road ahead

Tim Farron’s unexpected resignation ends another chapter in a tumultuous period of politics. With the wave of populism that carried Jeremy Corbyn to a triumphant defeat and shook the Conservatives, how should the next chapter begin for the Liberal Democrats? The next leader should strike out for the centre ground, and it is the Liberal Democrats economic credentials that should take centre stage over our unimpeachable social liberalism.

To begin with another exit, the loss of Nick Clegg perhaps signals the chance to rehabilitate the Coalition government. In too many ways the contribution of the Liberal Democrats has gone unnoticed; the pupil premium has been a lifeline for many schools struggling with constrained budgets, whilst the British Business Bank is one of the most recognised achievements of the happily re-elected Vince Cable.

We ought to champion such successes, and link them to our future strategy. Between state-led nationalisation and short-term cuts lies our own path. Targeted investment, support and stimulation of local enterprise, and recognition of the changing nature of the British economy and its vibrant tech sector (albeit a sector beset by the authoritarian proclivities of the current government). Now more then ever, it is vital that all corners of the United Kingdom see that the government’s economic strategy works for them, and we have been too coy about the benefits that liberalism can bring.

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    All the focus has been on the unfortunate end of these people's lives and the role of third parties as traffickers and people smugglers. So...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 13th Nov - 8:48am
    @ Joe Bourke, The big difference between a corporation and a currency issuing government is that one can be declared bankrupt but the other can't....
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    @ Martin @Innocent Bystander, If you think the system is "autocratic and dictatorial" you should have spoken up much earlier. I'm not proposing anything new....
  • User AvatarDoug Chisholm 13th Nov - 8:17am
    "Private capital comes from public investment." WTF
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    True Innocent Bystander poor King Peter cannot envisage that people will use other people's business cards but if he ruins the faith of people's in...