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Coalitions and minority government across Britain

Centre Forum have sent this information about a meeting they are holding tomorrow

Coalitions and minority governments remain unusual in Westminster but the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly now mean they are no longer a purely foreign import in the UK. Yet despite a hung parliament at the next general election more likely than at any point in the last thirty years, little or no preparation is being made at Westminster for the possibility of an election result which might require coalition or minority government.

It is this which spurred the independent liberal think tank CentreForum’s recent publication, ‘In the balance: coalition and minority government in Britain and abroad’ which examined Scottish, Welsh and German experiences of operating within non majority governments.

Following on from seminars held in Cardiff and Edinburgh, CentreForum will be holding the final seminar in the series on Tuesday 22nd January to discuss the experience of non-majority government in Wales and Scotland during the first eight years of devolution and to consider the implications for Westminster.

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