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We need a plan that’s designed for everyone – please discuss

2020 is going to be a pretty rough year for all of us. Our front line NHS staff will have a particularly torrid time. Many of the financial losses incurred by individuals will not be covered and unemployment will become, sadly, quite common. So, is there anything extra we as individuals can do to improve the situation? How can we invest in our economy?

I am suggesting a form of Citizens Wealth Fund independent of national government and have laid out a possible format in this document.

Essentially any UK citizen or those with a right to live here could apply for an account that would hold their free share in the fund. You are only allowed one share, it cannot be sold or passed on and its life will end with yours. The free share would pay out an annual bonus which would be a portion of the previous year’s profits.

They could also invest in trade-able bonds which would pay a set interest rate plus a bonus. The bonus is also a share of the annual profits.

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