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Sunday poetry

Boris is playing mind games

Cummings is showing him how

The chaos theory of conquest

Is up and running now


We’re now aware of their tactics 

We must band together to fight

Demonstrate the strength of the British 

Backing all MPs doing right

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  • User AvatarJoseph Bourke 9th Dec - 12:13pm
    Peter, An economy can be equally successfully run on the basis of a high tax and spend policy as in the Nordic model or a...
  • User AvatarKaterina Porter 9th Dec - 11:49am
    In interviews Jo Swinson correctly acknowledged where we were wrong in supporting Conservative policies. Would it not be good to mention where we objected, and...
  • User Avatarnvelope2003 9th Dec - 11:43am
    Mr Raw: I do not disagree with any of that except that the House of Lords should be replaced by a Senate elected by proportional...
  • User AvatarSteve Comer 9th Dec - 11:40am
    A an overseas voter these days, I rely on what I see on TV, read in the newspapers and what friends in the UK tell...
  • User AvatarRichard Underhill 9th Dec - 11:38am
    9th Dec ’19 – 10:36am Victoria Derbyshire asked the Tory about promises such as "50,000 nurses". His reply was not an answer to the question....
  • User AvatarRuth Coleman-Taylor 9th Dec - 11:17am
    So much of the election news is personalised as if the only people who count are the leaders. So that's how people tend to talk...
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