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Opinion: From out of nowhere – rape anonymity extension

The full Coalition agreement, published this week, contained the following commitment:

We will extend anonymity in rape cases to defendants.

(Section 20 “Justice”, page 24)

This issue wasn’t mentioned in either party’s manifesto; nor, I believe, during the election campaign. Neither was it something to which the previous Government aspired. It had been voted through at the Liberal Democrat annual conference in 2006, but allowed to lie dormant since. The Lords approved it as an amendment in 2003 but it went no further. As such, it’s a rather a bolt out of the blue.

In the not-too-distant past, there was no anonymity …

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    steve white 24th Nov '17 - 12:15am: How does she know it was the Russians? I expect she buys Kremlin brand tinfoil.
  • User Avatarsteve white 24th Nov - 12:15am
    How does she know it was the Russians? Didn't know Russians had got into state DNC lists?
  • User AvatarJeff 24th Nov - 12:05am
    Katharine Pindar 23rd Nov '17 - 11:52pm: ...people have to face the fact that the country has a grim economic prospect for years to come...