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Communications will be key to success at the next election

The Lib Dems need skilled communicators for campaigns in all corners of the country.

Well over 25 years ago, Lib Dems in PR was set up to bring like-minded colleagues together to support the Liberal Democrats. Last November, we relaunched to bring a new generation of experts into the fold. The group, which has been an important support to the Lib Dems, is back with big ambitions and new faces.

Who are we? We are a network of communications professionals who share a determination for a more liberal and compassionate politics. Today, we have a membership of over 400 comms experts, covering the full range of disciplines. Not only has the political environment changed dramatically in the last two decades, but so too has the professional field of communications and we want to reflect that in our membership.

The Lib Dems in Comms has two primary purposes; a networking group for professionals in comms and PR to keep in touch with one another, and critically as a volunteer group providing volunteers for the party during general elections. Our members have helped scale up the press office operation with skilled professionals to manage the additional workload, when party coverage suddenly is meant to be on an even basis with Labour and the Tories. Our members also play pivotal roles in campaigns for candidates right across the UK.

We believe now is an important time to reemerge, and bring inspiring and talented communicators closer to the Lib Dems. After 13 years of the Conservative-led Government, we need a change. We are seeing a desire from voters for a liberal choice, whether in by-elections or this year’s stunning local elections results.

With a general election expected in 2024, it is vital the party is able to run a fully integrated campaign. And it’s vital that work starts now.

Behind every interview and every campaign is a team of communications professionals – whether that’s in interview prep, writing press releases, filming videos or designing social media content – and this is where we come in.

We have big ambitions. So, this is what we intend to do.

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