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Brexit De-metrification: Inching our way to the periphery

As predictably as UKIP politicians dressing in tweed, calls to return to Imperial measurements have being doing the rounds in the media within days of Theresa May triggering Article 50. Whilst this may sound trivial, the passion and practicality runs very deep.

The Active Resistance to Metrification has removed or vandalised thousands of metric road signs. The “metric martyrs” championed in sections of the press, sold goods illegally using only Imperial measurements. At the same time we currently use the same metric units as the counties we have over 90% of our overseas trade with, a boon to the ‘frictionless trade’ that our Prime Minister wants. And they won’t be changing units just because of our Brexit!

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What economic liberalism means to me


One of the phrases most guaranteed to start a healthy discussion is Economic Liberalism. This is, I feel, due to differing perceptions of what the phrase means.

One that has considerable traction is one that conflates Economic Liberalism with the Economic Liberalisation of Thatcherism and Blairism, which were in turn often driven by neo-liberal ideas. Given the damage many feel neo-liberalism has done economically and socially, I can understand why there is such a visceral reaction to neo-liberalism and thus Economic Liberalism.

To me however Economic Liberalism is very far removed from neo-liberalism. Economic Liberalism means freedom, responsibility, innovation.

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