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The European team

What is your favourite statistic?

Statistics – notoriously used and misused in political debate are all too often interpreted by opposing sides to fit their arguments. For many people it all boils down to one word: “Theatre”. That isn’t helpful.

When I was asked to speak on the topic of Europe at a recent LibDemPint, I wanted to achieve making the debate about Europe more tangible, meaningful – even visual by painting a picture of a real life situation.

The EU is not a state. It is a Union of states. But how about calling it a Team of states?

Would we get a different response from those who are totally opposed to the European idea if we talked about the European Team of states. And what reaction does it cause in the undecided which way to vote in the EU Referendum.

Think about a team that you are part of. Let’s take a team of employees in any company.

As a team they have a mission. As individuals, they have personal ambitions. But they still remain a team – pulling together.

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Liberal Britain is a country where vocational education is taken seriously


Your Liberal Britain‘Good for Youth, Good for Business’ is the title of a publication by the European Alliance for Apprenticeships that contains a small selection of organisations, examples and projects linked to apprenticeships in the EU, including examples from Britain.

What makes this relevant to a truly Liberal Britain?

In my view you can tell we don’t yet live in a truly Liberal Britain because:

Apprenticeships are still seen as “second class” in relation to a conventional degree.

Why does it matter?

The word liberal is often associated with freedom of choice, with tolerance, with personal liberties.

I believe strongly that young people in particular should feel free to choose an educational and career path that provides them with fulfilment in line with their interests and talents. In a truly Liberal Britain there are no occupations that are more respectable than others.

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