+++European Election candidate lists announced for England and Wales

Today the Liberal Democrats announce the list of MEP candidates in England and Wales for the EU elections on the 23rd May (Scotland should follow later today).

The diverse list of candidates includes former MEPs, current Councillors and other hard working community activists.

The Liberal Democrats will fight the elections as an unapologetically pro-European Party campaigning hard for People’s Vote with an option to remain in the the EU.

Vince Cable commented:

Today we’ve announced a strong, diverse mix of candidates, from those who’ve joined the Liberal Democrats recently to those with long experience of the European Parliament.

We will fight these elections on a clear message: a Liberal Democrat vote is a vote to stop Brexit.

Across the country, the strength of our membership of 100,000 is being deployed to prepare for both the European elections and for council elections on May 2nd.

From local communities to the EU institutions, Liberal Democrats are determined to give a voice to the millions of people who demand better than Brexit Britain.

Here are the lists:

East Midlands (5)

1 Bill Newton Dunn
2 Michael Mullaney
3 Lucy Care
4 Suzanna Austin
5 Caroline Kenyon

East of England (7)

1 Barbara Gibson
2 Lucy Nethsingha
3 Fionna Tod
4 Stephen Robinson
5 Sandy Walkington
6 Marie Goldman
7 Julia Ewart

London (8)

1 Irina Von Wiese
2 Dinesh Dhamija
3 Luisa Porritt
4 Jonathan Fryer
5 Hussain Khan
6 Helen Cross
7 Graham Colley
8 Rabina Khan

North East (3)

1 Fiona Hall
2 Julie Porksen
3 Aidan King

North West (8)

1 Chris Davies
2 Jane Brophy
3 Helen Foster Grime
4 Anna Fryer
5 Sam Al-Hamdani
6 Rebecca Forrest
7 John Studholme
8 FrederickVan Mierlo

South East (10)

1 Catherine Bearder
2 Antony Hook
3 Judith Bunting
4 Martin Tod
5 Liz Leffman
6 Chris Bowers
7 Giles Goodall
8 Ruvi Ziegler
9 Nick Perry
10 John Vincent

South West (5)

1 Caroline Voaden
2 Martin Horwood
3 Stephen Williams
4 Eleanor Rylance
5 David Chalmers

West Midlands (7)

1 Phil Bennion
2 Ade Adeyemo
3 Jeanie Falconer
4 Jenny Wilkinson
5 Jennifer Gray
6 Lee Dargue
7 Beverley Nielsen

Yorkshire and the Humber (6)

1 Shaffaq Mohammed
2 Rosina Robson
3 James Blanchard
4 Sophie Thornton
5 James Baker
6 Ruth Coleman-Taylor

Wales (4)

1 Sam Bennett
2 Donna Lalek
3 Alistair Cameron
4 Andrew Parkhurst

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  • Adrian Wykes 17th Apr '19 - 10:26am

    My twin daughters are 14 and will be looking for a party that wants them to have full, FULL, membership of the EU in future, no ‘ifs’. no ‘buts’, no opt-outs.

  • To note that the number 8 on the South-East list (Ruvi Ziegler) is chair of the national organisation ‘New Europeans’. This could be important for building up campaigning support outside our own base, especially as the Greens and ‘TIG’ seem to be playing sour games about wider co-operation.

  • David Becket 17th Apr '19 - 11:44am

    Change UK have announced that they are selecting their candidates and will be announcing them at a big launch event next week.

    Where is our big event?
    Have we announced it?
    Have we invited the media?

    Or are we going to let Change UK get all the publicity and we get none. Much of our lack of publicity is our own fault.

  • Richard Underhill 17th Apr '19 - 12:16pm

    The Southeast is the largest region with 10 MEPs.
    It would be good to elect two MEPs again.

  • David Blake 17th Apr '19 - 1:02pm

    David Beckett – and the only coverage we’ve had today is Vince Cable saying it would be better if there were joint candidates for Remain.

  • @David Becket –
    “Where is our big event?
    Have we announced it?
    Have we invited the media?

    Or are we going to let Change UK get all the publicity”

    I don’t thinking it’s about “letting” Change UK get all the publicity. Apart from the Tories and Labour, the media are only interested in Change UK and the Brexit Party because they are new.

    If we did the above (and maybe we are), most news outlets wouldn’t take a blind bit of notice.

    The Independent has a prominent story today about Vince attacking Change UK and the Greens for not agreeing to a joint list, in other words the Lib Dems are only interesting if there is a Change UK angle…….

  • Patrick Hadfield 17th Apr '19 - 1:26pm

    The Scottish candidates may be available today, but the email to members said the candidates would be announced at 11.30am on Thursday.

  • Yeovil Yokel 17th Apr '19 - 2:16pm

    The SW result is quite pleasing for me, and seems to revolve around the number ‘4’: my 1st choice came 4th, my 4th choice came 1st, and my top 4 appear in the top 5.

    Congratulations to Caroline Voaden – she stands a good chance of becoming an MEP, in which case S. Devon Lib Dem’s will need to select a new PPC to fight Dr. Sarah Wollaston’s Totnes seat.

  • Assuming that the GDPRs allow us to use the large amount of data voters have given us about their stance on EU membership we have the opportunity to target them to make sure they understand the deficiencies of the election system for the Euros and that they should choose the Lib Dems as the front runner remain party. If this is seen as attacking Change UK it will be news worthy and help to get the message across.

  • Paul Barker 17th Apr '19 - 6:05pm

    I am really glad that we tried to get a Joint Remain Slate between Us, Change & The Greens & I am disappointed that the other Parties turned the idea down; I think they are being short-sighted & foolish. That said I understand their reasons, The European Elections are the only ones where The Greens sometimes beat us & that’s a lot to give up; Change are still trying to establish their “Brand” & it may be a Year till their next chance.
    Hopefully other Parties will be more prepared to compromise after May 23rd.

  • John Marriott 17th Apr '19 - 9:28pm

    Nice to see Bill Newton Dunn back in the action. Tom obviously hasn’t succeeded in persuading his old man to take it easy. Seriously though, I reckon Bill has forgotten more about the EU than most of us have ever known. I guess being a local councillor doesn’t quite cut it. What if he gets in? Will he do a ‘Chris Davies’ and stay on the council as well?

  • Peter Watson 18th Apr '19 - 12:35am

    @David Raw “But here at home there’s something that we need to take back control of. Tonight the Guardian reveals …”
    … also that “one in 12 pupils (8.1%) from the national cohort that began secondary school in 2012 and finished in 2017 were removed from rolls at some point, for reasons that could not be accounted for. Off-rolling is the practice whereby schools remove difficult or low-achieving pupils from their rolls so they are not included in their GCSE results, or in order to reduce costs.”
    Sadly, I think you’re close to the truth with “septic isle”.

  • In the absence of a sensible remain-focussed arrangement it’s hard to know how to vote. In Yorkshire with just 6 seats there isn’t much room for Lab, Con, Brexit, UKIP, Green, Lib Dem and ChgUK. But knowing where your vote will be most effective is fiendishly difficult to understand

  • ChangeUK is all media hype and no campaigning. I think it’s in for a rude awakening on May 24 about the reality of election campaigning as a small party in this country. It won’t be difficult for voters to chose between us and them once the campaign proper starts. We’ll be the ones on the ground campaigning, they won’t be.

  • There is a mistake that needs correcting – the count for Wales says 5 but there are only four candidates listed.

  • Thanks, Cassian – now corrected

  • I look forward to the day when members can return to picking the best people for the job, and the results of internal elections aren’t biased by overriding the actual votes with discriminatory policy.

  • Mick Taylor 21st Apr '19 - 9:15pm

    Ian. You’re wrong. The vote was exactly as people voted. There was no change made to reflect gender, ethnicity or LGBT+

  • The problem with presenting these elections as remain v leave is it is mind-meltingly complex to work out how the votes pan out into seats. Take for example Yorkshire with its 6 seats. If Brexit party, Lab and Con each poll 20% they would take 2 seats each unless one of the other parties polls 10%. It’s not hard to see a scenario where the 6th seat would be between Brexit, the Greens and Lib Dems but impossible to make an sensible judgement about whether a ‘tactical remain’ vote should go to Greens or LDs. Throw ChgUK into that mix and it gets even more mind melting!

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