Leadership contest competition

Fortune tellerThe time for spin is over; the time for slide rules has started. Yes, it’s time for the Liberal Democrat Voice leadership election prediction competition.

To enter the competition, post a comment to this message by 8am on Tuesday 18th December giving your predictions for:

  • Nick Clegg’s percentage share of the vote, to one decimal place
  • Chris Huhne’s percentage share of the vote, to one decimal place
  • Percentage turnout, to one decimal place

Clegg and Huhne’s percentages will be calculated excluding spoilt ballot papers. Percentage turnout will be calculated including spoilt ballot papers.

One point will be awarded for each one tenth of a percent by which your prediction is out. E.g. if you predict turnout will be 23.4% and it is 23.6%, this will count as two points. Lowest total score wins. If more than one person ties on the same score, the winner will be chosen by lot.

The winner will win an exciting prize. It’s too exciting to mention now (we’re worried about burglars targeting Liberal Democrat Voice Towers if we said what it was). But it exists. And is exciting.

One entry per person only. All predictions must be submitted using a valid email address.

Predict away…

UPDATE: The competition, and hence commenting on this post, is now closed.

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